My Internship at HackerEarth

Work Environment: I have always dreamt of working for an organization where loads of responsibilities are placed on their employees. And HackerEarth does just that! Obviously, you get hired because of your skills, but founders and managers expect much more. Opportunities for learning and growth are plenty, as often, you work outside your job description. […]

Why The Kettlebell Is The Ultimate Tool For Physical Preparedness

Learn about kettlebell workout routines and its benefits, especially for physical fitness and preparedness. In this article: Physical Preparedness TrainingBenefits of Physical PreparednessWhat If There Is a Way to Train Smarter, Not Harder?Kettlebell Workout BenefitsI Was Once Again Feeling Like One of the Elite!Kettlebell for Beginners Training StylesA Kettlebell Will Prepare You for the Worst5 […]

Never Look Away Is a Reductive, Tedious Copy of Gerhard Richter’s Life

Tom Schilling in Never Look Away (courtesy Sony Pictures Classics) Art, history, and Oscar bait collide in some incredibly odd ways in Never Look Away, Germany’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 91st Academy Awards. It recently earned that nomination, as well as an additional one for Caleb Deschanel’s cinematography. But the movie has also […]

The Impossible First: Keynote for Hiring Success 19, Colin O’Brady’s Journey to Everest and Beyond

Four-time world record holder, and first to cross Antarctica solo, joins SmartRecruiters at Hiring Success 19 – Americas. This is his story. We are excited to welcome Colin O’Brady to Hiring Success 19 – Americas, February 26-27 in San Francisco (register now to hear Colin live), where he will share the details of his record-breaking […]