10 Weight Loss Tips That Will Actually Get You Results

In today’s article, we have come up with some valuable tips that can actually get you fast results if you want to desperately lose some weight. We’ve rounded these tips from health and fitness enthusiasts. We are going to discuss health and fitness strategies that can kick start your weight loss journey and can increase your motivation level. Keep reading to know 10 weight loss tips that will actually get you results.

Weight Loss Tips That Will Actually Get You Results

1. Eat enough food: The problem here is your not eating enough! Your body needs calories to function normally. Starving yourself can give you results in beginning, but it can have adverse effects on your health, body, skin and hair. Also when you get too hungry, there are high chances for binge eating from the fridge and you will be unknowingly piling up calories and fat in your body. Instead indulge in a healthy meal and satisfy your body and soul. You can consume around 900 calories per day to lose weight.

2. Don’t stand on the weighing scale too often: Are you a type of a person who stands on the weighing scale every day? Stop stressing and discouraging yourself. Take it slow and easy! You might have lost a lot of fat internally and the numbers might be still the same. If the numbers on the scale are not moving in your favour, chances are you might get discouraged and give up on the weight loss journey. It takes some time for the numbers on the weighing scale to move, wait for at least 20 days before you weigh yourself again. Remember to be consistent with your diet and work, and surely you will reap rewards.

3. Reduce the stress levels: Are you stressing out too much. Plan a cheat meal with your girlies, you can safely have a cheat day after every 10 days or once a week. Also stock your fridge with healthy snack options to fight evening snack cravings. Some healthy snack options include- peanut butter with multi grain bread, protein bar, dried nuts, banana, apples, oranges, avocado, fruit smoothie, green tea, oats cookies (sugar free), boiled eggs, roasted peanuts, coffee with skimmed milk etc. there are so many healthy options, eat yourself out!

4. Balance binge eating with workout: Did you know its all about balance? Fun fact- Kareena Kapoor lost a majority of her post-pregnancy weight by eating Indian food cooked at home! It’s all about balancing, don’t lose count of your calories. Sometimes, it’s okay to get a slice of pizza but remember to get back on track the next day. If Indian food is too difficult to quit, find your balance and burn the calories by working out.

5. Say not to drinks and aerated beverages: Love your flavoured beer? Drinking is a big no-no when it comes to weight loss. Alcoholic beverages and aerated drinks have too many empty calories in them and they will not help you lose weight, in fact you will quickly gain weight if you consume such drinks.

6. Change your workout routine frequently: Still following your old workout regime? Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Explore zumba, brisk walking, HIIT (high intensity workout), weight training, and boxing. Try something new every few days to keep your metabolism high. When you are following the same workout routine over and over again, the body adapts to those movements and over a period of time, they are no longer effective as they were before. Switch your exercise to burn calories and to increase your strength.

7. Stick to healthy choices: Stick to healthy foods, the longer you follow your diet, the easier it will be for you to fall in love with it. Ultimately the results will motivate you to keep going. Ban yourself from sugars and high carbohydrate foods to see quick results.

8. Surround yourself with like-minded people: Simply surround yourself with people that have similar goals. If you have a gym partner , you will enjoy your time at gym and would avoid skipping days. Also like minded friends would keep you motivated with healthy meals.

9. Try Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet: Intermittent fasting and keto diet are not fads, these methods can fetch you quick results. Intermittent fasting involves a “fasting and feasting” period where you fast for certain hours in the day and consume food during a “feeding window.” There are no restrictions on calories in intermittent fasting. Popular fasting time periods are 16/8 (fasting for 16 hours with feeding window of 8 hours), 20/4 (fasting for 20 hours with feeding window of 4 hours), OMAD (one meal a day), and fasting for two days in a week and feeding on the other three days. Intermittent fasting helps you to lose fat without losing muscle, it also improves insulin resistance, and leads to weight loss. Ketogenic diet on the other hand is consuming LCHF (low carbohydrate high fat) diet through which your body switches from burning carbs and sugar to burning fat to source its energy. Through keto, you can lose weight rapidly. Read detailed posts on keto diet here and here.

10. Stay positive: At the end of the day, smile and never give up. If everyone else can do it, you could do it too! Appreciate even the smallest change, it may take time, but you will reach it. Keep your attitude positive at all times. Read some fitness stories for inspiration. One day you will reach your desired weight, keep moving!

Hope these tips get you results, let us know your favourite tip, comment below, keep struggling!

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