136 Before And After Pictures Of Generous People Who Donated Their Hair To People Sick With Cancer

If you want to change up your look but you’re hesitating, donating your hair knowing that it will bring comfort to somebody else might be the motivation that you need. Here at Bored Panda, we found these great pictures of people who donated their hair to charities that make wigs for people (often children and young adults) who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment, alopecia areata, and other medical causes. Getting a wig as a gift can bring some security and normalcy to kids who are struggling with losing their hair, and fortunately, hair is a renewable resource that these people had enough of to share.

Hayley Pritchard, a hairdresser from Liverpool, UK, tells Bored Panda that she thinks increased publicity about hair donation encourages more clients to choose that path. “In recent years, people might have a big hair change but wouldn’t initially think about donating that hair. Now, with advertising and word of mouth, it’s much more popular,” she says.

The hairdresser loves seeing positive changes like these firsthand: “As long as the client is well prepared, so far we have always had a very positive response. A change is always shocking for everyone, but a few flicks and ruffles of their new shorter hair, every client so far has always had the biggest smile on their face. With the added bonus they are helping a great cause.”

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#1 She Donated 30 Inches Of Her Hair To Make Wigs For Children With Cancer

Image credits: NotABsian0073

#2 Before And After Cutting Off My “Floof.” This Was A Few Years Ago. It Got Donated, And I Never Went Back

Image credits: chlois

#3 My Nephew Grew His Hair Out For Two Years To Donate To Kids With Cancer

Image credits: storkpatrol

Donating your hair takes commitment. Many of these people say they grew their hair out for years to meet their donation goal. When your hair has been with you for such a long time, chopping it off can make you feel like a different person, and it might feel like a loss that’s difficult to get used to at first.

Hair grows back, though, and while you wait, you might find that stepping out of your comfort zone has made you more confident and adventurous.

Some people even have the routine down, growing their hair out and donating it every few years. Respect to everyone who’s willing to take great care of their hair for years to give a quality donation!

#4 This Is My 5th Time Donating My Hair To Make Wigs For Children That Have Lost Their Hair Due To Chemo And Radiation

Image credits: mikaylanoel

#5 It’s Been A Month!? It Still Feels Weird Seeing Photos Of Myself With Hair

Image credits: eleanor.wolz

#6 I Shaved My Head For Cancer And Donated My Hair For A Wig

Image credits: emmattack

If you’re interested in donating your hair, start by looking up which wig-making charities operate in your country, which ones will accept your hair based on its length and condition, and what you want your donated hair to be used for. For instance, some charities make wigs exclusively for children and will not accept grey or highlighted hair.

People donating their hair in the US often choose Children With Hair Loss, Wigs for Kids, and others, while Little Princess Trust is a popular choice in the UK. If you’re unable to donate your hair, but want to contribute, many organizations also accept monetary donations to offset the cost of manufacturing wigs.

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#7 Every 2 Years I Grow My Hair Out So I Can Donate It, Here’s A Before And After Photo Of What I Look Like

Image credits: yugus

#8 Here It Is Guys, My 22 Inches Of Hair Ready To Be Donated To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: dropdeaddisappointment

#9 We Finally Did It! We Decided To Donate To “Hair We Share”

Image credits: chelzeerenee

#10 Today My Six Children And I Donated Over 17 Feet Of Hair To Children With Hair Loss

Image credits: Phoebe Kannisto

#11 Donating More Than Half Of Hair

Image credits: rodrigovizu

#12 Last Year I Decided To Shave Off And Donate My Waist Length Hair For St. Baldrick’s And Raised $1000+ For Pediatric Cancer Research Grants

My scalp is colorful because the 4 year old I nanny was upset my “princess hair” was gone so I explained to her that my hair is going to another little girl without any and she can paint my head with her hair paints to make it fancy.

Image credits: Drum-Major

#13 I’ve Been Growing My Hair Out For 4 Years For Donation. Finally Cut It And Feel Like A New Man

Image credits: Daveflave

#14 My Brother And Father Have Leukemia. I Donate My Hair And Blood Every Chance I Get. Please Donate As Well. Every Whole Blood Donation Can Save 3 Lives

Image credits: happyc08

#15 Donated My Hair. I Feel Like A Different Person

Image credits: beaver284

#16 A Year Ago I Cut Off My Hair And Donated It. Here’s A Before And After, One Year Difference

Image credits: Drewciferr

#17 I Decided To Cut My Hair And Donate It So It Can Be Used To Make A Wig For A Cancer Patient That Has Gone Through Chemo

Image credits: ZarMarquez

#18 Maybe Not The Best Idea To Shave My Head In Winter, But 25 Inches Was Donated To “Little Princess Trust” In Aid To Make Wigs For Children. Feeling Great For It

Image credits: mikmcgiv

#19 Donated My Hair And Some Of You Gave Money, So Here Is A Before And After. My Head’s Cold, But Thank You Guys So Much

Image credits: BCDCLC

#20 Been Growing My Hair Out For 5 Years, Today I Had It Cut To Donate

Image credits: FeatheredCat

#21 Donated All Of My Hair

Image credits: bridanna

#22 8-Year-Old Was Bullied For 2 Years While Growing His Hair Long To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

2 years ago my son saw a St. Jude commercial that changed his life forever. He chose to do his own research and find a way to help. After 2 years of growing his hair, Christian has reached his goal of donating over 10 inches in 4 ponytails. He has chosen to donate to the “Children with hair loss” foundation. He has endured an awful lot of criticism, and yes even bullying, throughout this time. From his peers calling him a girl to even coaches and family friends telling him he should cut it or offering him money to. Even still, he has never once, strayed from his goal and always took the time to educate others on why he made the choice to grow his hair. I am one proud mommy as always.

Image credits: Deeanna Thomas

#23 So This Happened Today. This Very Brave Lady Is Donating Her Hair To “Little Princess Trust” Charity, What A Lovely Thing To Do

Image credits: hayleys_hairdressing_liverpool

#24 I Donated My Hair A Few Weeks Ago. First Time Doing It

Image credits: Velideon

#25 And Just Like That… Bye-Bye Long Hair

Image credits: forged_by_fire_apparel

#26 Why Not Give It To Someone Who Needs It More Than I Do. Donated My Hair For Cancer Patients

Image credits: akhshaya_akhshaya

#27 Before And After, 10 Inches Of Hair Donated

Image credits: shanun

#28 Back To The Smooth Head. You Can Actually Hear My Hair Coming Off

Image credits: nickychick17

#29 “Little Princess Trust” – These Locks Are Coming Your Way

Image credits: yippyyy

#30 So Long To Long Hair! Donation On Its Way To “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: lalalauratighe

#31 I Donated My Hair To “Wigs For Kids” Yesterday

Image credits: IdislikeSpiders

#32 I Donated My Hair To “Wigs For Kids” This Year

Image credits: MyFatherShouldHavePulledOut

#33 It Took Me A While, But I Finally Did The One Thing I Wanted To Do For A While Now – Donate My Hair To Use For Cancer Patients

Image credits: melitajean

#34 I Donated My Hair To “Wigs For Kids” This Week

Image credits: synthguy21

#35 Donated 20 Inches From My 3 Foot Long Hair To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: a.s.h.l.e.y___s

#36 Finally Made It! Feels So Good To Refresh Yourself At Times, Especially If It Gives You The Chance To Help The Others Feel More Confident As Well

Image credits: aida_caramidaru

#37 Second Time Donating Hair, Decided To Go Even Shorter

Image credits: uwuowo_nya

#38 Guys, I Did A Thing

Image credits: pointlessinternetpoints

#39 My 6-Year-Old Daughter Cut Off Over 13 Inches Of Her Hair To Donate

Image credits: lauraseb

#40 Been Growing Out My Hair For 2 Years And Have Decided To Shave It Off And Donate It

Image credits: EnthusiasticPickle

#41 Today My 7 Year Old Donated Her Hair To Charity

Image credits: Jesticles

#42 My Hair Is Officially Off! I Have Donated Them To Children Patients With Cancer

Image credits: typicaltoto

#43 It’s Donation Time Again

Image credits: ellied_3

#44 After 2.5 Years Of Growing My Hair Out, I Cut 14″ Off To Donate To “Wigs For Kids”. Lost About A Pound And A Half Of Hair

Image credits: EccentricBolt

#45 I Also Cut Off And Donated Most Of My Hair

Image credits: asm1041

#46 This Past Friday, After Four Years Of Letting It Grow, I Decided To Have My Hair Cut Short! I’m Happy To Say That The Hair Is Going To A Charity

Image credits: leo.r.sky

#47 I Found An Organization Called “Children With Hair Loss” And Lopped Off 11 Inches Of My Hair, And Sent Them The Donation Today

Nearly 5 years ago today, my wonderful grandmother Sharon had passed after a long battle with cancer. She was such a fighter! After her passing I vowed I would grow my hair out and donate it to an organization that provides real human hair pieces for people that are going through the grueling chemotherapy process.

Image credits: dylwes93

#48 New Look Same Drip

Image credits: cactuscrusader

#49 Long vs. Short. I Donated 14 Inches To “Children With Hair Loss”

Image credits: bigcityfaerie

#50 As Much As I Loved My Long Hair I Love Helping Someone Else In Need

Image credits: kochie6912

#51 2 Years And 14 Inches Later, It’s Time To Give My Hair To Someone Who Needs It More

Image credits: skylarsmith_11

#52 I Donated My Hair. Again

Image credits: devin24_7

#53 Post-Marathon Life: Chopped 13 Inches Of Hair Off To Donate Today

Image credits: lisaruhl

#54 I Donated My Hair For The 6th Time Today

Image credits: purpleball00n

#55 I’m Donating My Hair After 14 Long, Arduous Years Of Growing It Out And Plan On Having A Hairwell Party In Its Honor

Image credits: dragontail

#56 Donated My Hair Today

Image credits: abhaymanu

#57 After 3 Years I Was Finally Able To Donate My Hair

Image credits: Ubulldog

#58 Finally Decided To Do The Big Cut And Donate My Hair To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: hollylouise__

#59 We Wanted To Give Chloe A Stylish Revamp. And A Bonus Is That She Can Donate Her Old Locks

Image credits: bec_hair_salon

#60 After Growing It Out For 2 Years I Finally Donated About A Foot Of Hair To Children With Hair Loss. I Am Happy To Help Out A Good Cause

Image credits: a_peculiar_gentleman

#61 Donated My Hair, It Will Be Used To Make A Wig For Children Who Have Lost Their Hair Due To Medical Issues

Image credits: Gjab

#62 My Hair Grows Insanely Fast. So Much So, That I’m Able To Donate My Hair Almost Yearly, And I Make Every Effort To Do It

Image credits: emoorephotography

#63 After Losing A Close Friend To Pancreatic Cancer Last Year, I Wanted To Donate My Hair Again To Help Others Feel Less Ostracized When They Have Hair Loss

Image credits: terabradham

#64 It Took 2 Years To Grow It Out, But My Goal Was To Donate It The Day I Decided To Let It Flow

Image credits: oscar_con92

#65 Before & After! A Little Out Of My Comfort Zone, But So Glad I Am Able To Donate 15 Inches Of Hair To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: jessihamlen

#66 Chop + Donate

Image credits: greg_neh

#67 Whoever Get’s It, You Better Headbang As Hard As You Can

Image credits: donthasslemeimlocal

#68 Donated 11 Inches Of My Hair To “Children With Hair Loss”. In 2 Years I’ll Be Donating Again

Image credits: amanda.leigh9

#69 Round 2 Of Hair Donations

Image credits: stehnmachine

#70 Kicking Off 2019 In Style By Donating 16 Inches To “Children With Hair Loss”

Image credits: briellekohler

#71 Said Goodbye To My Security Blanket And Feel Like A New Person. 11 Inches Donated To Children With Hair Loss

Image credits: Lizowa

#72 Decided To Make The Move And Donate My Hair

Image credits: DanielDucLe

#73 Donated My Hair Today

Image credits: gij3n

#74 Short Hair For The First Time Ever In My Life

Image credits: tarabhavs

#75 I Did It! I’ve Cut Off 9 Inches Of My Hair And I’m Donating It To “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: homeatheathfield

#76 The Hairdresser Managed To Sheer A Whopping 22″ Off Me

Image credits: jonothedinosaur

#77 My Kids Have Done It Again! They Are Donating Their Hair To “The Little Princess Trust” For The Second Time In Just Over 3 Years

Image credits: amarilla51

#78 I Did It – 15 Inches – So Happy

Image credits: sezb

#79 No Turning Back

Image credits: joanikaj

#80 Soo Proud Of My Lovely Lara Who Decided To Get 12 Inches Of Her Beautiful Mermaid Hair Cut Off To Donate

Image credits: sophia_rogue

#81 After 6 Years Of Growing Out My Hair, I Finally Donated It All. My Little Brother Was Shocked To Say The Least

Image credits: Towels46

#82 Today I Donated My Hair To People Who Lost Their Own Hair Due To An Illness

Image credits: sissi_1298

#83 Today It Was Time: Make The Long Hair Short Within A Few Minutes. Doesn’t Hurt, Costs Me Nothing, But Brings Back Some Quality Of Someone’s Life

Image credits: babsi_pi

#84 To Me, Donating My Hair Is More Than Helping A Child Or Individual In Need Of Change Of Their Appearance

Image credits: jlattanza

#85 I’ve Never Had Short Hair But Have Been Thinking About Making A Change For Awhile, So Today I Finally Went For It! Really Felt Good To Donate My Hair

Image credits: a_jacobs89

#86 Well, Picture 1 Is A Before Shot Of Me With Pelt Still Attached, Picture 2 Is Me After Removing 11” Of Pelt From My Head To Donate To A Charity

Image credits: tyrantfarms

#87 14 Inches Later. The Last Year And Half I’ve Been Growing My Hair Out To Donate

Image credits: supaafly_sam

#88 If You’ve Got It, Grow It! For There Are Those Who Cannot. Another Two Years Down

Image credits: kylerumps

#89 It’s Been 4 Years Since My Dad Passed Away From Stage 4 Cancer. I Grew Out My Hair So I Could Cut And Donate It In Honor Of Him

Image credits: thebookofluke

#90 My 3rd Time Donating My Hair To Those In Need

Image credits: almeen8dv

#91 I Wanted To Do Something Freehearted And It Feels So Gracious To Donate My Hair To Children Who Have Suffered Hair Loss

Image credits: curle.q

#92 Donated A Whopping 16 Inches Of Braided Hair Today To “Children With Hair Loss”

Image credits: wanderwithmommyb

#93 Long Hair Advice – Donate It

Image credits: drock352

#94 Mike Lost A Bet When His Favourite Team Lost And Donated His Hair – Luckily He Has A Pretty Good Mug Underneath All That Scruff

Image credits: barberha

#95 If You Are Blessed – Be A Blessing

Image credits: gsbtslibs

#96 My Saturday Journey

Image credits: laurenvmarshall

#97 Today Our Designer Anna Donated 13 Inches Of Her Hair

Image credits: pdqmedia

#98 It’s All Gone, Making Its Way To “Little Princess Trust” For An Amazing Cause

Image credits: deanna_louise95

#99 So Today Had The Pleasure Of Cutting These Lovely Ladies Hair Off For A Wonderful Cause

Image credits: chloevogelshair

#100 Today I Went To Cut The Hair Short And Send Them To “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: riinametsola

#101 I Cut Off And Donated All Of My Hair

Image credits: abbyroadlove

#102 My Husband Donated His Hair To Help Make Wigs For Children And Young Adults Who Suffer With Hair Loss From Cancer And Other Conditions

Image credits: Arwres

#103 Cancer Survivor. Donated My Hair For Wigs Recently

Image credits: livestrong188

#104 I Did A Thing! My Hair Literally Hasn’t Been This Short In 20 Years. I Cut Off 24cm (Which Will Be Donated To “Little Princess Trust” As Usual) And I Love It

Image credits: innasimaginarium

#105 2+ Years Worth Of Hair Donated

Image credits: Isrunan

#106 Got My Bounce Back And Donated My Hair To The “Little Princess Trust” Today

Image credits: clairekeenbean

#107 Fabulous Cut And The Donation For The “Little Princess Trust” Charity

Image credits: kellyaoldham

#108 12 Years Ago Today, My Grandma Passed Away. She Battled Cancer. She Was The Reason I’ve Started Donating My Hair

Image credits: thecomfortclan

#109 For Two Years, He’s Been Growing Out His Hair To Donate It, On His 10th Birthday. No Amount Of Teasing Or Being Mistaken As A Girl Changed His Mind

Image credits: stephmandm

#110 Today I Donated Around 35 cm Of My Hair For “Verein Die Haarspender” Who Makes A Real Hair Wig Out Of Them

Image credits: schwabentraum

#111 I Grow My Hair And Donate It To The “Cancer Society” As My Hair Grow Fast

Image credits: KWL88

#112 I Donated 13 Inches Of My Hair! It’s Never Been This Short

Image credits: BeckyFriend8

#113 Before & After. So Glad I Am Able To Donate 25 cm Of My Hair To “Little Princess Trust”. Hopefully You Can Put My Hair To Good Use

Image credits: tinakrizman

#114 Nothing Ever Lasts Forever. Donating My Hair To “Children With Hair Loss” As I Love Their Mission And The Work They Have Done

Image credits: raisintherouffa

#115 I Did It! Once Every Three Years I Chop Off My Hair And Donate It

Image credits: runstrongrun

#116 Three Years And 30cm Of Weight Off My Shoulders, On The Way To Some Awesome Kids

Image credits: mayurantiru

#117 10 Inches Donated To “Children With Hair Loss”, Who Provide Children And Young Adults With Human Hair Replacements At No Cost

Image credits: tbonepoussette

#118 The Only Thing That Felt Better Than Chopping Off 8” Of Hair Today Was Knowing It Was Going To Help A Child With Hair Loss

Image credits: ashhleycox

#119 Donating 12” To “Children With Hair Loss” And Loving My New ‘Do

Image credits: shaylie_g

#120 At Least 10-23 Kids Are About To Be Walkin Around With The Highest Quality Wigs Ever Donated

Image credits: dexhopkins

#121 Finally Did It! 13″ Donated

Image credits: theycallme_christine

#122 Been 5 Years Since I Had Short Hair. It’s 11 Inches And I’m Donating It Soon

Image credits: derek_can_be_derek

#123 Goodbye, My Old Friend, I Will Miss You. I Hope You’ll Make Another Head Happy

Image credits: santiagogivaudan

#124 Donated My Hair. Will You Make Me Regret It?

Image credits: PeskyNgon

#125 My Son Patiently Grew His Hair For 4 Years And Finally Hit The Donation Length. He Had Gorgeous Thick Hair That Will Help Make A Beautiful Wig

Image credits: zimzumpogotwig

#126 I Donated My Hair Today

Image credits: StarkRavenMad007

#127 Before And After. Pretty Happy With The Change And Glad I Could Donate It

Image credits: Zombie-Feynman

#128 I Cut Off A Foot Of Hair To Donate. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: Elisabethclaire

#129 Donated My Hair To Children With Hair Loss As Part Of The Great Cut

Image credits: austinjbrunner

#130 Been Growing My Hair Out For 2 Years. Donated 10 Inches To Children With Hair Loss Today

Image credits: happyc08

#131 I Donated/Raised $600 For Children’s Cancer Research For Shaving My Head, Here’s My Transformation So Far

Image credits: AmayaaLynnn

#132 Recently Donated My Hair. Here’s The Before And After Shot

Image credits: katiekittycat

#133 He’s Had Long Hair Since He Was 14 Years Old And Today We Did The Big Chop And Donated It

Image credits: naomihairdesign

#134 Before And After I Donated My Hair

Image credits: bakafox_sf

#135 This Past Weekend I Donated 12 Inches To Beautiful Lengths. I Hope I Helped Make One Strong Woman Feel Beautiful Again

Image credits: Derpina_27

#136 24 Inches. The Total Amount Of Hair I Get To Donate To “Children With Hair Loss”

Image credits: i/web

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