20 Members Of The Justice League Reimagined As Villains

Comic book fans often have a favorite superhero character. They often love these characters exactly as they are and often don’t want to see them changed even a little bit.

Being true to the character is what it’s all about – except when creative fans want to experiment with their favorite characters. This is why cosplay and fan art is such a beloved pastime.

Updated versions of heroes are great. However, updated versions of heroes as their own evil alter egos area lot better. Who wouldn’t want to explore the dark side of these stalwart characters?

The entries in this article explore the imaginative redesigns that fans dreamed up of their favorite Justice League heroes. Typically strong, ethical, caring, and honest, these heroes are now dark, brooding, power hungry, and evil.

Rather than devoting themselves to protecting the Earth, they are determined to rule over it with an iron fist.

While some creators simply post these reimaginings and let the work stand for itself, others create entire backstories for their renovated characters, giving them motivations and plotlines worthy of their own comic books.

From the demonic version of Batman to the Venom-esque symbiote version of Zatanna, here are 20 Members Of The Justice League Reimagined As Villains.

20 Dark Superman

TrickArrowDesigns offers up this variation of the world’s first superhero – the boy scout in red and blue, Superman.

The artist creates a darkened version of the hero, with a black suit outlined in a darker, deeper crimson. The cape and that classic “S” logo are still here, but a pair of chains has been added to give them a villainous feel.

Even Clark Kent’s face has undergone a change in this image.

His eyes are now a fiery red, while his eyebrows take on a sinister slant.

His hair seems thicker and his usually boyish face has been overtaken by stubble. This is an understandable change to make.

If you’re busy committing crimes, you just don’t have time for a shave.

19 Possessed Wonder Woman

HypnolordX created this alternate version of Wonder Woman, wherein Diana’s iconic stars and stripes costume is tweaked just enough to create a sinister effect. This was all by design.

According to the artist, they had always considered the Amazonian Princess’s armor to be somewhat menacing.

So, they ran with the idea, adding small details to amp up that vibe.

Diana Prince’s iconic metal gauntlets now feature long, sharp blades, more for offense than defense. She wears more armor on her shoulders and her collar extends up toward the neck.

Also, of course, Wonder Woman’s eyes glow that iconically evil red.

18 Evil Martian Hunter

Martian Manhunter is seriously channeling Doctor Strange (if Doctor Stranger were totally evil) in this creative iteration by raymundlee.

J’onn J’onzz is typically calm and rational, fair and balanced, and the epitome of humanity, all of this is done away with in this piece.

Here, Martian Manhunter has a mystical, tyrannical vibe about him, which is very different from his usual personality.

J’onzz displays his extraterrestrial origins here, standing confidently in front of a gorgeous, celestial backdrop. Were he to look more peaceful, this would be quite a serene scene.

However, Manhunter’s powerful stance, jagged claws, and tattered cape are a clear indication that he is the new tyrant of the galaxy, whether the creatures living in it want that or not.

17 Zombie Aquaman

This otherworldly image created by Kalkri doesn’t just imagine Aquaman as evil – instead, the fishy hero is a bona fide zombie here.

This version of the character features a skull-like head with glowing eyes. However, this time the glow is an icy blue, fitting for the ocean theme.

Aquaman is surrounded by octopus arms, a fish resembling a giant barracuda, and a bunch of terrifying eels.

Green seaweed accents adorn the background, while matching seaweed hangs from his trident.

Kalkri noted that their original goal was simply to draw some zombie-like fish, which prompted the decision to use the hero. The fish ended up becoming the eel-like creatures instead.

16 The Teen Tyrants

This iteration of the Teen Tyrants, Red Robin and Red Raven, leans hard into the preferred color of animated villains everywhere.

Creator Sii-SEN borrowed heavily from the glowing red eyes theme, creating a motif that extends to hair, accessories, and even the background.

A few subtle shades of pink are sprinkled throughout.

Red Raven’s cloak, broach, and forehead gem all feature the dangerous shade.

While Red Robin’s mask and costume have been given the same fiery shade, perhaps the best detail that was given to this version of the Teen Tyrants, and Sii-SEN’s personal favorite as well, is Red Robin’s super stylish mohawk.

The artist affectionately referred to it as “lovely.”

15 Evil Superman

Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way. However, this iteration, dreamed up by RodTheSecond, takes this boy scout of a hero and makes him a domineering warlord.

This evil version of Clark Kent seems to truly revel in his power, as he shows off his enormous muscles and terrifying red eyes.

RodTheSecond’s image is a celestial one, with planets and a sprawling universe spreading out behind the evil Superman.

Glowing clouds add an eerier effect to an otherwise serene galaxy – well, serene except for this power-hungry villain, of course.

It seems pretty clear that this Clark Kent has every intent to rule this entire realm. The artist revealed that this image was created as an entry in a contest.

14 Demon Batman

What if Batman was a demon? This is the question that was both asked and answered by DarkMatteria in this eerie alternate version of the Dark Knight.

This skeletal version of Batman features a wasted away Dark Knight with long, thin, bony fingers and a skull-like head. Slanted, glowing white eyes and pointed teeth also add to the sinister effect.

A glowing, blurry moon looms behind the Bat’s shoulder – because bats come out at night, of course.

The skeletal features almost feel like tertiary details.

The main attraction here is obviously the long, flowing cloak. With its upturned shoulder spikes and Grim Reaper vibe, this demon Batman’s ensemble is both instantly recognizable as the Dark Knight’s crime-fighting gear and also immediately iconic in its own right.

13 Rogue Justice League

Daviddv1201 dreamed up not only evil alternate costumes for each Justice League member, but also a whole new story and motivation for each character.

Batman’s sad backstory of losing his parents as a young boy is still here. However, instead of pushing Bruce Wayne to become a hero, it caused him to become violent, seeking vengeance against the perpetrator.

Superman’s crash landing on Earth has a similar twist. The story starts the same, but his adoptive parents, the Kents, end up being abusive, which completely changes his personality.

All of the characters have a similarly dark rewrite of their origin stories.

Wonder Woman was raised to be a fierce warrior. When the Flash lost his parents, it had the same effect on him as on Batman. Aquaman is a power hunger tyrant.

The name of this dark Justice League? Injustice Syndicate, of course.

12 Superman Vs The Justice League

Redditor Keebs3 presented their own version of the epic events of Justice League where a newly risen Superman attacks his former friends and colleagues.

Superman has actually turned evil many times, with an entire storyline in Injustice: Gods Among Us focusing on Clark Kent going rogue.

It only makes sense, then, to explore the evil version of the character, especially if Batman is so convinced that Clark Kent isn’t the perfect hero he seems.

In this image, a stoic Superman with glowing eyes and a darkened version of his costume floats in the middle of all of his Justice League cohorts.

Each hero has shown up, ready to put an end to his reign of tyranny once and for all.

11 Dark Supergirl

This darker version of Supergirl, created by andy-j2k was actually inspired by an image from a fellow artist. Andy-j2k decided to create their own version of this iconic character, but gave her a little bit of an evil twist in the process.

Supergirl’s costume goes dark, with a full, rich black color added to the material. Her cape and belt are bright red, while her long, pointed nails match the black of her costume.

Supergirl sports the common glowing red eyes seen often on supervillains. However, she adds a sultry twist with her smoky eyeshadow.

The artist was quite proud of the hard work that went into this talented image.

According to andy-j2k, this was only their second creation. Though it took some time to finish, they were happy with the finished result. We can certainly see why.

10 Flash On Fire

DeviantArt poster uncannyknack has an uncanny knack for taking DC characters and making them utterly terrifyin – at least, if this iteration of the Reverse Flash is any indication.

Technically, the Reverse Flash is already a bad guy, but he’s a smart, almost caring bad guy who trains Barry Allen in his quest to go back to the future. This Reverse Flash is basically a demon.

This iteration of The Flash’s nemesis was designed as a sort of concept art for the New 52.

Crooked claws and sharp teeth reveal this villain’s otherworldly status.

The Reverse Flash is depicted as a volcanic demon creature with fiery red lava flowing through him. Overall, it’s an interesting and dangerous update to the Speed Force.

9 Corrupted Jessica Cruz

Most of the characters who took up the mantle of Power Ring became supervillains, except for Jessica Cruz, who was technically a hero.

However, phil-cho decided to reimagine Cruz as a power hungry villain.

Nothing about her particular costume ensemble indicates that Cruz is a villain. Her costume is relatively in line with the typical Green Lantern ensemble, however it’s her obvious new attitude that lets us know that she’s now been turned to the dark side.

Cruz has obviously been bitten by the power bug. She wants more of it, and the insidious green substance coursing through her veins and the determined look on her face is proof enough of her sinister motives.

Also, of course, Cruz’s ring emits its own immense power, and it’s all hers for the taking.

8 Cyborg Superman

This twisted version of the iconic Superman subtly blends in another popular Justice League character: Cyborg.

Clark Kent still retains many of his original features here – the black, wavy hair with the cowlick and the “S” logo on his chest. However, his suit has been updated and now is much darker.

His typically red cape is now jet black and more of his muscles are visible through the fabric.

On top of that, half of Superman’s body and face are robotic and a row of metal teeth has been added for emphasis.

Artist kerembeyit announced the image as a mock-up of card art for DC’s Superman trading cards. With that menacing stare and fiery background, we’d like to see the movie version of this scene.

7 Symbiote Zatanna

This unique vision of the Justice League’s enchanting magician, Zatanna, features a bit of a Marvel vibe.

The piece explores what this hero would look like should she be attacked by a symbiote, Venom-style.

Designed by DeviantArt user cric, this gorgeous rendering borrows from Zatanna’s showman style costume, but adds a sinister twist.

Zatanna still boasts her fishnets, corset-style top, and black cape, but she is covered with a mysterious, evil substance that covers and absorbs her body.

Spikes and claws surround Zatanna, reminding those around her that her magic isn’t used for the good of the world aynmore.

A gorgeous, sunset background adds an even more magical vibe to this lovely image.

6 Possessed Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is a noble character with a lot of class and fierce fighting skills. However, feyuca‘s version of this fan-favorite character adds a dark spin to her personality.

In this image, Hawkgirl’s costume doesn’t look very different from its typical style. She still sports her corset/halter top and fitted pants. Her hawk-like mask is just the same as ever. However, it’s her mace and what she’s holding that tell the real story.

In this image, Hawkgirl has recently taken out a snake, but not in the way that a bird normally would.

Hawkgirl’s mace is glowing a frosty blue, with a substance dripping from it that matches what we see on the snake. It seems pretty clear what went down here.

5 Evil Flash

What if The Flash were sporty, evil, and kind of punk rock? We’re guessing he’d be just like mistermoster‘s epic version of the Scarlet Speedster, seen here – except, Barry Allen isn’t exactly “scarlet” anymore.

His costume has taken on a dark, greyish black hue in this version. Lightning bolts run up and down his costume and a gloomy skull decorates his chest. He’s also now wearing spiked cleats.

The Flash is surrounded by lightning and appears to be mid-jump. The fuzzy swirls surrounding the character add a sense of speed and adrenaline to the image.

The artist created this interesting take on The Flash while participating in a fanart “jam.” Three options were given for artists to choose from: mecha, medieval, and evil. Mistermoster definitely chose wisely.

4 Monster Swamp Thing

He may look like a terrifying monster, but Swamp Thing is actually a big softie. All he wants to do is protect the environment – nothing more, nothing less.

In this moody version of the swamp creature by DeviantArt user SalvadorTrakal, Swamp Thing is depicted as a gloomy, almost zombie-like version of himself.

It’s not extremely creepy, though, as a cute reptile friend hangs out on his shoulder, just like a Disney princess.

In this version, Swamp Thing’s vine-covered body has a furry look instead. His face is melancholy and his eyes are glowing red.

The swamp surrounding him is surreal and dark, filled with fogs, darkness, and ominous twinkling lights.

It’s an imaginative rendition that brings this emotional character to life beautifully.

3 Rebel Wonder Woman

This updated version of Wonder Woman, created by shamserg, brings the beloved character into the modern era.

Here, Diana, Princess of the Amazons, still wears her traditional armored corset, but some shoulder armor has been added to keep her ready for battle.

A matching belt with a rad buckle has been added, along with a pair of simple black jeans. Diana’s gauntlets are still here, but so are a pair of black fingerless gloves.

While the costume changes are definitely fun, DeviantArt users couldn’t get over Diana’s intense facial expression and weapon choice.

Many said that her face was fierce and fiery, and most commenters loved that shamserg borrowed Final Fantasy’s Cloud’s iconic buster sword.

2 Bad Martian Manhunter

This dark version of the stalwart Martian Manhunter by manof2moro takes a typically ethical and empathetic character and makes him cruel and evil.

This alternate version of J’onn J’onzz completely reimagines this gentle alien’s normally simple look.

Manhunter’s red “X” logo is still here, but the costume has been darkened to a deeper red and a sinister black.

J’onzz’ typically smooth features are also given a spikey update, and he now appears with glowing red eyes.

Martian Manhunter stands atop a hill that, quite frankly, can’t be made up of anything good. Are these shields? Metal spikes? Some kind of bone? It appears possible that it’s a combination of all three.

J’onzz is the master of all he surveys, which is truly terrifying.

1 Evil Giant Batman

One thing’s for sure: this is not the Batman we know and love. Crishark posted this image of a towering hulk of a Batman with a demonic face, glowing red eyes, and rippling muscles.

This Dark Knight is almost like a Venom character, as his costume is made up from his own deformed body, rather than being an actual suit.

The best part of this inventive creation is Batman’s iconic bat logo on his chest. This time, the logo’s wings are asymmetrical and jagged.

The bat logo itself features a gaping maw of sharp, pointed teeth with an extended snake-like tongue and the same, menacing eyes as the Bat.

What do you think of these fan redesigns? Would you like to see these evil versions of the Justice League on the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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