Get Electrocuted by the Genesis Essentia

The Genesis Essentia is a multi-motor electric vehicle from Hyundai (Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury spinoff). With the driving motivation behind the vehicle being to elevate and reimagine “Athletic Elegance,” the Essentia has a big bill to pay. If anyone can deliver on that bill, though, it’s veteran designers Luc Donckerwolke and Sangyup Lee—both formerly of […]

Japanese Are Polishing Dirt Balls To Perfection, And The Result Will Blow You Away

The making of ‘dorodango‘ is a traditional pastime for Japanese schoolchildren, that has grown into an art form in its own right. The dodorango is actually a ball made from mud and dirt, and now people are painstakingly and methodically refining these balls into “hikaru dorodango” (literally: ‘shiny dumpling’), perfect, polished spheres that can take […]

In the age of Cambridge Analytica what are reasonable data norms?

Sameer Noorani Contributor Share on Twitter Sameer Noorani is a serial entrepreneur currently working on a stealth startup. His previous startups include: Roomvine, Hoodere and RoundOnefight. Things really escalated quickly in this month’s Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. While it’s usually best to just sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch reality business drama unfold, I was surprised by […]