The Five Be-All, End-All Interview Questions for Entry-Level Jobs

Interviewing entry-level job applicants requires questions that emphasize their soft skills and capabilities in lieu of experience—here are five open-ended queries that every recruiter should keep in mind. Recruiters who are interviewing entry-level candidates are tasked with evaluating the applicants’ motivation and potential, and this is particularly challenging when candidates lack any real professional experience. […]

6 Hip Opening Stretches To Do During Pregnancy

Stretching and exercise is so important during pregnancy. Why, you ask? Well, now that you’re carrying around extra weight and fluids, it can make you feel sore, tired and downright uncomfortable. Stretching during your pregnancy helps relieve your aching joints, reduce muscle tension, relieve lower back pain, increase flexibility, help you relax, and, BEST of all, better […]

NSV- For anyone who has a nay sayer in their life saying that only “Neurotic” people can lose weight- This was my original victory post 5 years ago [Update inside of this post]

So 6 years ago I was 24 and also 455lbs, deeply depressed and everyone in my life had already given up support on me. No one more so than myself. One night, I woke up at 3am mid a massive sleep apnea gasp and a diabetic cold sweat all in a panic. I rolled out […]