The Secrets of Self-Motivation

KristopherK / Pixabay No matter how much you love your work—no matter how energizing you find it—we all have days where our enthusiasm flags. When the daily grind causes your momentum to stall, it’s important to reach deep into your reserve of self-motivation and keep on pushin’ forward. Something I think a lot of leaders […]

Hitting a milestone kept me motivated on a day that would have otherwise sent me to the bottom of Ben and Jerry’s. (Pictures inside) (But also a little venting and self hatred)

A little backstory: I’ve always been a “large” or at my peak, an XL. I wore size 16 pants and crammed myself into large shirts. It was a part of life. I told myself I was big boned and that I’d always be big, but that I wasn’t fat. I hated myself. I had no […]