2019 Is A Sun Year: Here’s What It Means For Your Sign

2019 is a year of The Sun archetype, which represents our birth as well as our vitality of life. In a Sun year we can access our joyful nature and regenerate negative energies into useful purpose. The Sun also teaches us that we are the sole proprietor of our reality. While we may not be the source of our energy, we are responsible for our experience of it. One of the greatest teachings we can receive from The Sun is to overcome fear and in any situation access a state of enjoyment.

The attitude available for us to adopt is one of willingness. Namely, the willingness to be happy as well as the willingness to surrender the obsession with fear. Until we can align with such willingness, we will continue to worship fear as we feel it is the source of our safety and survival.

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What are Tarot Archetypes?

There are 22 primordial archetypes that serve as the most subtle energy in our existence.

In the Zohar (a 2,000-year-old compendium of virtually all information pertaining to the universe), we learn that two thousand years before the creation in genesis, twenty-two sublime intelligences emanated and ruled in panoramic delight. Each archetypal intelligence is unique and has qualities that rule and govern all the systems and subsystems in all worlds, from the invisible awe-inspiring light of enlightenment to the overpopulated samsaric bardos.

Today, these twenty-two archetypes reside within what Carl Jung coined as the pool of the “collective unconscious”. They serve as the raw material to mold and shape our realities, and hopefully contribute to a better world. In other words, the twenty-two archetypes serve as the cosmic blueprint for all of life in all its unlimited expressions, and we can use them as tools. One way to use the tools of the archetypes is to observe the yearly archetypal blessings and challenges that we will face. We decipher the annual archetype ruler by adding up the digits of the current year as we all work with the Gregorian calendar regardless of our beliefs or what science claims the actual year to be.

Two-thousand-nineteen adds up to a twelve: 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12.

About 2019

In 2019, we actually have three different ruling archetypes:

2+0+1+9 equals 12 and is The Sun
1 +2 equals 3 and is The Empress
There is one more archetype in the system of 22 that will equal 3, namely 21, The World, which in 2019 acts as the shadow because 21 is not obvious in 2+0+1+9.

When studying the tarot, and its many different schools of thought, the position of The Sun in The Fool’s Journey is what makes the DASH® Lineage different. Read more about that here. The Empress (3) is the highest, most pure form of the 12 archetypes sitting on the superconscious level. The Sun (12) sits on the subconscious level, and The World (21) is the most material expression of the archetypal energy on the physical level.

Of interest, you can figure out your own archetypal “soul” number by adding the numbers of your Gregorian birth date together and breaking it down to a number between 1 and 22. The 3/12/21 archetypes rule over money, creation, willingness, manifestation, love, and life. It is the storehouse of all energy, as well as the immense power of creativity. Whenever we create something, we draw upon The Empress, which gives birth to The Sun and establishes reality with The World.

The Empress also rules over the 12 constellations, while The Sun shines through each of them throughout the course of a year, over 365 days. I can throw all sorts of facts at you about The Sun, but to truly access and understand its power on the superconscious level, this archetype should only be taught about in person.

In a 12 year, we can expect new beginnings as we reveal spiritual energy in places that have been covered in darkness. If you need to regenerate, give life to old or new projects, 2019 is the year to do just that. We can also increase life energy and make new cells, more money, increase happiness, and shine. The Sun shines its light, asking us to live from a place of love, to experience joy and happiness so that we may replace the constant motivations fueled by fear. Most of us believe that fear is what keeps us safe, we surrender our power and forfeit our ability to create our reality by worshiping outer circumstances and demigods of samsara (the weather, the people, the rates, the prices, the trauma, the likes, the followers, etc.)

The Sun asks us to enjoy everything, even things that seemingly “happen to us”! We have the power and ability to live in love, but only to the degree we are willing to let go of our obsession with fear. What this means is that we can begin doing things out of pure enjoyment, free of any fearful ideas of loss. Fear of loss can motivate our actions more than the enjoyment of life. These fears include not being accepted, failure, hurting others, becoming poor or hated by others. Essentially, all fears boil down to the antithesis of life: death.

Ironically, avoiding death robs us of life. In order to live life, we need to love life.

In a Sun year, we need to control our egos and restrain from just “doing what we want”. Meaning, that we need to think twice before impulsive actions and use the energy appropriately. This will allow us to enjoy every step of our experiences, even if we think we would rather do something else. Then we become appreciative and willing to transcend blame! Otherwise, we fall into one of the degraded aspects of the Sun archetype, self-cherishment. This is the ego that believes it is the source of all existence while maintaining that everything it doesn’t like is because of something or someone else. If we are ready to take responsibility for our lives, we are ready for all of it and not just the parts we cherish. We need to cherish all the parts! Otherwise, we are drawn into that self-cherishing stare of vanity, which is obsessive, competitive, victimized, powerless, helpless, blaming, and arrogant.

The truth is that we cannot escape our reality, but we can always enjoy it, no matter what happens and this is the greatest empowerment of all.

Whenever we forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and believe that we are physical beings having a spiritual experience, we lose sight of our true source and connection. The Sun wants us to have stable causes of happiness so that even when the weather is cloudy, we won’t feel depressed or deprived. When we react to lack of sunlight or “good weather”, our inner depression is awakened so that we can work to resolve it from within. We can then appreciate the environment, which is removing the blockages that are normally hidden from us.

To the degree that we can handle the energy of receiving, this year, will bring life and power to our projects. Self-cherishing ego identities, will blind us to the true light that is before us and block our ability to shine our light into the world. When we can harness the true light, we can bring life into our reality and eclipse victimization, fear, hidden agendas, and unwholesome motivation to reveal a world we love and appreciate

The World Archetype

The World is a completed creation, which began with The Empress. It is the sun child who has grown, the seed that has become a tree, the journey that has ended only to begin anew. Ideally, The World is the state all philosophies, religions and spiritual systems try to attain. It could be Nirvana if we work with the energy wisely. It is our consensus reality as much as it is our personal heaven or hell. The World is an accompanying vibration to The Empress and The Sun, we work with the creations, or the consequences, of our actions.

Everything in our lives is either a consequence or a creation and it is our perspective which determines our experience.

The difference between a consequence and a creation comes down to our ability to take self-responsibility for our previous actions, even if they seem like a far off memory or we may have forgotten them altogether. Typically, a consequence is something we would rather not deal with, something we usually feel is happening to us, something that manifests by default. A creation is something we are proud of, something unbound by a karmic chain reaction – something that is a first cause. Obviously, we can see how extremely rare these are. They can occur when we have done our atonement – the year of Justice (2018) was great for that – or in a moment of freedom.

Although consequences are deemed “bad” or “laborious”, we need to understand that negative behavior fuels negative situations and is a form of nurturing. Both the power of love and hatred are attractive energy fields, which work in the same way. The effects are different, but the energetic structure of each are identical.

When we love something, we tend to call it a creation. Whenever we hate something we essentially, “love” to hate it. So really, it’s the same and love, in this sense, is just another word for “emotional charge” and isn’t really love at all. True enjoyment, as taught by The Sun, is experienced regardless of the ego’s preferences. Emotional charges determine our likes, dislikes, favorites, and opinions, which then lay the foundation for our experiences, which build our realities as well as our karmic views.

Karma, in this sense, is always evident when we are working with The World. We cannot fool this archetype as it is the manifestation of all our actions and the evidence of our internal and external energies. The World will always teach us that the inner and outer match. The only way to change our world is to take self-responsibility for our reality so that we may enjoy it. Oftentimes, the ego tries to manipulate reality to avoid making changes. Some people are more skilled at this than others. These manipulations are described as “outer changes”, which have nothing to do with taking self-responsibility for our actions, our karma, and our perception. Manipulating reality utilizes the imagination of The Empress by “spinning” memories or facts and confusing them with opinions or something we heard.

These karmic lessons that The World brings to our attention need to be approached with love because it was the lack of love that created the karma in the first place. So, we get another chance to create a world, that expresses a higher vibration, a purer karmic view.

Ignorance is a choice

Interestingly enough, we are in The Age of Aquarius, which is the age of information. In these times, ignorance is a choice. Whether you want to know how to have more money, life, or love in your life is your choice. We are no longer oppressed by authority figures withholding information, although George Soros would like to try to limit our access to global connection, while publicly advocating a world without borders, which, if you look at The World archetype is not possible and will always create one thing only, namely chaos. He represents our inner obstacles and oppressors, demons of ignorance that want to rule over us and do not want to change or evolve.

Our world changes with every moment. It has even been created and destroyed many times in many cycles. We know the world is older than 2000 years, yet we base our calendar off the birth of Jesus Christ, which is an inaccurate and improvable date. Our entire concept and measurement of time is based on this error and is sustained by habit, putting us into the reality of being controlled by a mental construct.

Jesus was not born on December 25

When we study the text and take it literally, we miss the wisdom, we miss the truth. Jesus was born through the virgin, which indicates that he was born during the month of Elul, which is the Jewish, as Jesus was, the month of Virgo (the sign of the virgin).

If we look at his life, this makes absolute sense. He was a healer (Virgo), he was a hard worker (Virgo) and he was a servant of God (Virgo). Although they try to claim Mary was a Virgo, there is as much evidence in support of that claim as there is that Jesus is a Capricorn (born on December 25. The point is that time is but a dream, distracting us from the fact that we need to make changes now. We are running out of time and we need to make the most of it.

We are currently in the creation cycle when it’s time to “make it like one”. We have so much more wisdom and information than our predecessors had. It’s been about 5700 years since the world was last destroyed. Again, the earth is much older than that, but every time the world is destroyed we need to create a new system of time.

Gemstones with 2019 frequency

2019 Brief broadcast by zodiac sign


This could be a bit of a year of introspection and finding the innovation you need in your life. Everything can and should be found within you. All of your pioneering spiritual and individual nature is just urging to come out and stay out once and for all. Get in touch with yourself, or you might be a bit shaken up by what happens to you. Seek some alternative wellness and be sure to nurture yourself by taking care of yourself. Sort out your conflicts this year and be patient with yourself and others. You need to open up, listen and be a good student. Review what you’re told and do not rush through the year.


Relationships can prove to be a big theme this year. Important relationships that could make or break your plans in your personal or private life. You’re receiving a surge of energy as your ruler, Venus, is at the forefront of the year. Use the energy well by bringing beauty into your life and into the world. Business can see a new side of things through the people you know. Be prepared for a lot of new ways to receive and handle money. The unexpected is your friend!


You’re letting go of erroneous ways and transforming old situations into blessings when you think of yourself in a new way. It’s the year to focus on your ethical self, and see where you really want to invest your energy. Make room for the new by letting go of the old mental patterns. Lessons need to be integrated and processed out. You will then have good ideas on how to spend your money and how to better attract it. Positive thinking is only the beginning, you’ll need to follow through with the lessons learned by making internal change.


Travel and deeper study will take you where you need to go this year. It’s time to nurture outside of your usual “zones”. Honesty is crucial and you have an eerie ability to see what is going on behind the scenes. Be open and allow the universe to take care of you as you take care of others, otherwise you may get resentful. You hold many solutions other people are looking for this year, so spread it all over the world as much as you can. Career and profession want to go into the next level, so open your mind and allow yourself to learn as you teach.


There is a lot of creative tension in the realm of work this year. Use it wisely, as many solutions can come from it. The Sun is a creative archetype, and you can take it into the realm of your profession. Authority issues may come up, but you can use this as inspiration. Try to diffuse any situations that create friction. You will learn that there is a difference between expression and enforcing your ways. There is a lot of light shining from you this year, and you love to share it! If there is too much going on at work, remain optimistic! The universe has placed you in that position.


You have a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer others. Your task this year is to find people who will listen. Remember, not everyone is listening. Don’t waste your words on deaf ears. You have high expectations of yourself and others and demand that everyone put their best foot forward but just focus on your own two feet. There are great ideas for money and business coming to you, and you’re ready to receive more. Network with others and find new ways to connect.


There is a deep, calm peace that could overcome you this year if you make honesty your best friend. Lies are very transparent and you’re not so good at suppressing how you really feel this year. Let others know why you feel the way you do, but only once you understand why you feel that way. You’re also receiving a lot of energy because the year is ruled by Venus, your ruler. Focus on beauty and grace, but not at the cost of suppressing more emotions because you don’t have the usual stamina for it. When you’re honest with yourself and with others you work or live with, you’ll get everything.


You’re at the forefront of the year. Front and center, ready for life! With deep emotional bonds and a desire for more, the year holds a lot of promise for you. Be careful to avoid building too many castles in the sky. As long as you are working to attain them, and know when to let go if aims that are too high, you’re okay. But if you’re setting your goals too high, only so you can fail, you’re wasting energy. Use your desires in a way that will draw the energy you need.


With Jupiter in your sign all year, you have all that positive growth and expansive energy pushing you forward and giving you all sorts of opportunities and blessings. Count your blessings, and appreciate them! Try to find them in places where you think they are NOT! Grow and open yourself up to the amazing pursuits opening up to you. Money is on your mind, no doubt, so never forget that money is energy and it can grow like anything else. Your growth will match what you can receive.


This is somewhat of a year of planning for you. In December 2019, Jupiter will enter your sign and lighten things up a bit! But until then, you are working hard and holding a lot of responsibility for people in your world. Try not to take everything, including yourself, so serious. There are a lot of strong connections to be made in the immediate realm until December 2019. Train yourself to see the useful things, rather than just looking for what’s wrong. Get comfortable with transformation, everything you touch will transform you and maybe you will transform it!


Maybe things are changing at work. Just be sure to not seek comfort over duty! There is some rebellion with taking orders (from a boss, a doctor, or even the law!) You can be respectful without losing your sense of self! Take good care of your health to prevent any sudden issues. Be good to others that work with you, and they will be good for you. You’re focused on your roots and where you come from as well as where you get your love. Try to find out what you need to give your best and see where you can give exactly that.


Do you have a hobby? Something you love to do? You’re inspired and maybe you can do something musical or artistic. It might even generate some recognition or money! You’re building a stronger sense of expression and have the ability to really move forward in your pursuits of love! Whatever you’re passionate about is on center stage. Plus, you feel really at home wherever you are this year, so be sure to make others feel welcome because they might feel lost on some level! Be yourself and all your worries will fade away. There is also some great money energy flowing in, so work won’t be a stranger as long as you can take orders or see what needs to be done and do it with a great attitude!

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