7 Employee Turnover Statistics [Infographic]

At IMPACT, we’ve had our fair share of employee turnover. Luckily, we were able to pull ourselves back up and rebuild after experiencing the turnover of over 60% of our team in 2015.  However, just because we got through our roughest patch of employee turnover doesn’t mean that we couldn’t experience it all over again […]

Win a free reading!

Hello Loves!!! I’ve been trying to start up my business on instagram, but it’s been slow since it’s (to me) a hard platform to reach out on. Also I’ve been kind of shit at posting too, since I’ve had a hard time being motivated to do so (evil circle.) So I thought, what better way […]

What Does it Mean to Live Simply?

In essence, releasing, letting go, and finding peace. It’s been our goal here at No Sidebar to help you live your life to the fullest by giving you the steps and information you need to let go of anything in your life holding you back, and to be a reminder that you don’t have to […]

10 Ways To Become A Better Leader

During your career development, there comes a point where your leadership skills will be put to test. Technical skills are obviously important because they will get you to a position where you may have to start utilizing your soft skills. This is the exact reason why leadership skills are considered a very important attribute that […]