Lineage Societies: Requirements and DNA

I’ve been hesitant to rock this boat, hoping this ship would right itself, but I’ve decided that this vessel needs to be swayed a bit with the hope of providing encouragement and perhaps positive motivation for change. Based on my ancestors, I qualify to join multiple lineage societies, including both the DAR and the Mayflower […]

How To Get Motivated To Work In The Morning

Article: 4 Mindful Techniques To Get Motivated To Work In The Morning Photo Amanda Linette Meder, image of Good Morning Mug on a tree stump plus Young Living Essential Oils Motivation and Lemongrass. Need to get motivated to work in the morning? Read on How To Get Motivated To Work In The Morningamanda linette meder […]

MacG 50ish years ago

Every now and then I get a cool email from the outside world. Here’s a recent one: Jim Olson ’74, OG MacG resident, answered some questions I asked in a rambly 10-minute-long video tour of my MacGregor single. Enjoy this edited and lightly⁠01 ever since Petey gave us the annotation feature it's been hard not […]