Ten Questions to Ask a Candidate During an Interview

Ten Questions to Ask…and What Their Response Tells You The hiring process can be a grueling and time-intensive pursuit. Finding the right fit for a position requires time to source, evaluate, and scrutinize candidates before making a final decision. For most business leaders, this can quickly monopolize their valuable time. While they understand that human […]

‘POTUS went rogue’: Trump’s Syria move blindsides national security leaders

The White House’s announcement that U.S. forces are pulling back from northeastern Syria to allow a Turkish offensive there took the Pentagon and the government’s Syria point man by surprise ⁠— and the decision defied the current thinking of President Donald Trump’s national security leaders. The Sunday night announcement, which followed a call between Trump […]

Navigating the Contested Rise of Fintech

Fintech — it’s the word that quickly shortens the broad swath of emerging financial technologies into one. With trust in traditional banking practices stalling, fintech may be a disruptive threat, but it also represents an opportunity for established players to reinvent themselves and rejuvenate a battered industry. Yet, fintech’s rise has received a mixed welcome. […]