Anxiety in the Workplace: 14 Quick Wins for Stress Management

Employee engagement relies on various strategic initiatives: building a culture of open communication, developing leadership’s commitment to recognition, and providing opportunities for career development to name a few. But what about anxiety in the workplace? It’s critical for HR professionals to add stress management to their list of strategic initiatives.  “Nearly half of HR leaders […]


This isn't a sympathy post or anything like that. This is my alternate account. I've been seriously considering suicide. Im 16, I'm just tired and bored of life. Im pretty accomplished in my opinion. I'm a very intelligent individual. I don't use my my skills and abilities to my maximum potential. I've basically wasted everything. […]

Startup Ideas that Began Small and Got Big

Entrepreneurs are pioneers that look to create solutions to address the needs of their customers. Launching your own startup business requires a leap of faith and might be long and risky. Those who have found their niche, focused on innovation, planned for their growth, collaborated and had a little bit of luck have succeeded. However, […]

WordPress Experts for Hire – Codeable Review

Codeable is a WordPress focused freelancing platform – in my opinion – the best platform out there to hire freelance WordPress experts. The platform is carefully crafted only for WordPress specialists. If you are searching for a professional WordPress developer, then you must consider checking out Codeable. Here is how Codeable can provide you multiple benefits […]