4 Steps for Successful Goal Setting

Goal setting, on the surface, often looks like it’s pretty easy to accomplish. Many entrepreneurs will start off by buying a planner and creating an outline. This outline serves as an overview for major and minor goals and includes proposed deadlines for meeting each one. All the entrepreneur has to do now is work towards […]

10 Facts About Child Labor in Afghanistan

Child labor is prevalent in Afghanistan partly due to the quarrelsome war between its government and the Taliban. The country remains one of the poorest in the world where corruption and greed riddle workplaces. Children work long hours and in servile ways to provide goods for their families. It is the only way they are […]

How to motivate your students through assessment

Motivating students can be difficult, especially where exams are concerned. The prospect of preparing learners for them seems like a mammoth task. But assessment can also be a way of encouraging motivation. The clue is in the word ‘test’. Whether externally or internally driven, students wish to test their knowledge and their learning; they want […]