Commodity Tracker: 5 charts to watch this week

Precious metals top this week’s selection of energy and commodity charts, as palladium prices continue to climb, but provide little upside for platinum. Plus: US natural gas prices, Middle East economies’ oil dependency, European coal-to-gas generation switching and Chinese LNG imports. 1. Palladium continues to roar: eyes on $2,000/oz   What’s happening? Palladium, the darling […]

Can big data help us make better development decisions?

Language Undefined We are in an era of ‘information overload’. An overwhelming amount of data and information needs to be digested and processed to make a well-informed decision. Thankfully, there are a significant number of big-data driven decision support systems embedded in many online applications to help us make evidence-based decisions. Better still, many of […]

Getting Stronger

Last week, I started lifting. Again.  During my last semester here, my suitemate and I had gotten into the habit of it. We’d wake up at 7am,⁠01 a near impossible task to ask of two 19 year old college students and head down into the cramped gym in the basement of Senior Haus every Monday, […]