idk what i’m gonna do with my life

long story short i dropped out of highschool (for completely valid reasons, not just bc i didn’t like it) and now i’m feeling stuck. i don’t regret dropping out, i was completely miserable and it was getting bad. i just feel very depressed lately and have no motivation to do anything. i used to be […]

Built-up problems

I have been dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder for several years. Consistently since sometime around middle school, my own thoughts threaten me with horrible things like deaths of others or Hell. It has made dealing with everyday things like school much more difficult than it should have been; my grades were shit throughout high school […]

How To Build A Meaningful Blog In 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 marks the start of a brand new decade, and if you’re seriously thinking about giving this whole ‘blogging’ thing a go, then go for it, it’s never too late to start. 2020 also marks my 10th year as a full-time blogger. I started in August of 2010, but that’s another story […]