Every Stephen King’s IT Adaptation, Ranked Worst to Best

Stephen King’s novel IT has now been adapted into a two-part miniseries and two theatrical films, and here’s how Pennywise’s adventures stack up. It’s hard to find a universal choice for Stephen King’s most beloved story. Between full-length novels and his acclaimed collections of short fiction, there’s literally hundreds of King tales to choose from. […]

Spark Team Creativity by Embracing Uncertainty

As an artist who also works for a business school, I often talk with managers about how to inspire more creativity from their teams. It’s not that these managers don’t appreciate their left-brained, analytically oriented employees. On the contrary: They value their logic and practicality. Still, they lament, something is missing. Managers today seek inspired […]

2020 Keto Challenge Kickoff! Start Here…

We’re kicking off the 2020 Keto Challenge with a “soft start” today and through the weekend, with our official starting weigh-in on Monday morning: January 6th. I don’t expect you to change overnight, or understand all the details you need to get started, so we’ll transition into this (together!) over the next few days. 😉 […]