Sara’s Debt Story

Hi! I’m Sara, the newest member of the Blogging Away Debt team. I’m excited to be here—not because I’m happy to be drowning in debt, but because I know the BAD community gives hope, tough love, and motivation to each other. You are my kind of people. Plus my family and friends can only listen […]

Ryan Reynolds Plays Detective Beebo In The Arrowverse

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere dropped a hilarious surprise: Ryan Reynolds is playing “Detective Beebo” in a live-action film! The handsome movie star is arguably best known as Marvel’s Deadpool but he also portrayed Green Lantern in the ill-fated 2011 film, a project the actor mocks and laments. Last year, Reynolds voiced the title […]

Haven’t eaten

I haven’t eaten anything in almost two days, and can’t find the motivation to because I know I’ll just make myself throw it back up. I have nobody I can talk to and I feel like my friends won’t care anyways. I feel like nobody will care. submitted by /u/helpme123467 [link] [comments] […]