Pruning My Thatch: An Epic Saga

Pruning My Thatch: An Epic Saga Vaginal pruning is an actual thing. Women no longer harbour their 70’s style muff these days. It’s much more acceptable to keep your badger bald. There are so many options now to keep your ninny looking sleek. However, none of which are glamorous or easily obtained to keep your […]

How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

Once you’ve set a goal or New Year’s Resolution, how do you find the motivation to achieve it? Dr. Richard Ryan, who co-developed the Self-Determination Theory, one of the leading theories of human motivation, shares research-backed tips to do just that. Dr. Ryan is also a Professor at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education […]

Tumakuru’s Taxman: IAS Officer’s Ideas Raises Tax Collection From 25% to 85%!

For the residents of Tumakuru, paying taxes was no less than a nightmare. From standing in long queues outside the municipality office to indefinite delays due to the government office’s outdated way of functioning—the roadblocks were aplenty. The officials didn’t have it easy either. Hanumantharaju, a tax collector, admits that previously, it would take forever […]