4 Research-Backed Ways to Infuse Online Video in Your Marketing

Video is winning the content race. More often than not, we just can’t help ourselves from clicking play.

But is it all rainbows and butterflies for marketers using video? Maybe not …

Sure, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And yes, people are spending the majority of their time on social media watching videos. You’re right that video can even help boost campaign conversion rates.

But no, that doesn’t mean that you should be creating videos simply because that’s the medium people crave.


Because video is just that … it’s a medium. An extremely powerful one, but it’s still a means to an end. And publishing videos here and there, on YouTube sometimes or your website other times, isn’t a strategy.

Video is a critical piece of a larger puzzle.

What you really need, and where video success really comes from, is infusing your video content with your broader marketing efforts in a way that delivers on a bigger scale. And most marketers aren’t doing this, according to Forrester’s latest research report, “Take This Four-Step Approach to Branded Video”.

“We’ve got to win on YouTube” is no way to approach decisions around video. Figuring out who the content is for, what they’re supposed to do or feel, and even when video’s the right choice should precede video planning and production.

Videos take time, effort … and budget. By all means, it can be time, money, and energy well spent. But to be most effective, it needs to be integrated into a stronger, more robust, overarching content strategy.

Customers Aren’t Longing for Your Long-Form Content

There’s a common misconception with video (that actually exists throughout a lot of marketing), that customers look forward to and appreciate long-form video content as something special and unique. But, according to Forrester, they’re wrong. In fact, there are four commonly believed myths about online video that most marketers believe but are actually not true.

Discover the 4 myths of online video in Forrester’s report here.

These four myths have led to bad habits in content marketing, according to Forrester. Many brands know they should be producing video, and so they do, but without any sort of systematic approach. Chris Gorell Barnes of the video agency Adjust Your Set explained that marketers tell him “I spend £300,000 on YouTube videos and I have zero engagement; what do I do?”.

How does it get to this point?

Well probably because there have been about 56,483,598 advancements in marketing technology and consumer behavior in the last ten years or so. So it’s hard to keep up! Not to mention build a cohesive strategy around all the changes as they come. And that’s why Forrester elected to research this topic and provide tangible recommendations.

Forrester’s Four-Step Approach to Branded Video

Get the Report4 Steps to an Integrated Video Approach

Forrester took a deep look at what makes some brands more successful with video and how they approach it from a strategic perspective. They’ve summarized their research into four main objectives that any marketer (including you!) can use to maximize the likelihood of seeing positive ROI from video investment.

Take a look at these four objectives below:


Source: “Take This Four-Step Approach to Branded Video”, Forrester Research

Online Video is Different … so Treat it Differently

Throughout their research, Forrester also discovered that many marketers are using the same video production rules and guidelines that have been in place since the time rollerskates were the latest and greatest. (i.e. long before online video became so popular and broadcast television was the thing to glue your eyes to).

But 30-second broadcast spots are very different than content your consumers might watch on their mobile devices today, and that means that different approaches are needed. In “Take This Four-Step Approach to Branded Video”, Forrester explains four recommendations for rethinking conventional video best practices including:

Incorporating social motivation as a design element from the start andCombining digital marketing and video production skills in your team.

Get the low down on how to whip your video efforts into shape and ensure they do more for you as an integrated component of your marketing and business activities at large. Download Forrester’s tactical guide on approaching online video.

Four-step approach to video


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