5 Regrets People Have on Their Death Bed and How to Avoid Them

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Ever thought ‘Am I missing out in life?’ Or ‘I’m sick of this job, it’s just the same
thing day in, day out…’? You’re not the only one…

Bronnie Ware, the
famous Nurse & Author has a book, The
most common regrets of the dying, that reveals peoples most common regrets
on their death bed. They are ‘I wish I
lived a life true to myself, not what others expected of me’, ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’, ‘I wish I’d had the courage to express my
feelings’, ‘I wish I stayed in touch
with my friends’, ‘I wish I allowed
myself to be happier’.

Well here’s the
most common, lesser known regrets that I’ve researched for you…

Think ‘how can I increase my comfort

A common regret is
‘Not taking action and waiting for
everything to be perfect, before getting out of your comfort zone’. Have
you ever heard ‘life begins outside of
your comfort zone’? It’s great advice, but can be off putting. Instead, think
of it, as expanding your comfort
zone. Humans have been proven to move away from pain, about twice as much as
towards pleasure (unless you’re into something weird 🙂

There was a study
showing that your brain adapts when you do something repeatedly, that was done
by K. G. Pearson at Alberta University (2000). This means if you do something a
lot, it’ll start feeling more natural and less uncomfortable over time. Your
body will also attempt to adapt to it too.

So remember; ‘The more quality practice I get at this, the
more my comfort zone expands.’…

Pass up opportunities to learn a
skill/course (mostly)

This’ll help you
get rid of the regret ‘Not taking
advantage of opportunities (e.g. learning a skill or course for a career)’.

“Invest in yourself, invest in your own
self-education and then take that knowledge and use it to help others get what
they want and need out of life. In the process, you will acquire power and
financial freedom.” – Jim Rohn
(famous author, entrepreneur and speaker)

That’s very true.
But only if you do it ‘the right amount’. E.g. Going through books & free
videos online etc. is valuable, but if you keep doing that, you’ll probably end
up seeing the same stuff! Whereas if you discipline yourself enough to choose
to look at a few of the best ones (if that)…then you can save up, to invest
in yourself at a much higher level. You’ll see a much greater return on
investment then.

Before you go and
read more books or watch videos online etc. then…Have a think about why
nearly all personal development books have links back to their creators?…It’s
because they’re there to really help you even further.

Don’t hustle too much…instead look after number one and do what you want.

‘Not taking care of myself’ is another big regret…While you have
to put a lot of work in to get something going…You don’t want to burn out!
That doesn’t actually take as much as you might think, either…There’s been a
recent wave of well known business owners, who’ve been going so hard for so
long, that they’re suffering now…Even though they’re nowhere near

A Harvard BNI
business study showed 25% of business owners felt moderately burned out. While
3% of them felt strongly burnt out.

Go travelling, see more cultures and
meet more people…whenever you damn well please

But you’ll need
money and a flexible job to do that, right? Well if you worked for
yourself…you could. No Boss you hate telling you what to do, or when to work!
You’d better be prepared to get back to business when you return though…because
it’s never smooth sailing. Like that Corona Virus, that had a colossal surprise
effect on businesses.

Choose your route to a deep fulfilling,
more meaningful life

An Oregon
University study (2007) using fMRI brain scans, found out how people felt when
giving money to people in need. It stimulated the same parts of the brain, as
food and sex. So helping people makes you feel good then!

Imagine how
content you’d feel then, if you had a business helping people, while doing
something you’re passionate about…e.g. personal development?…

Having painful
regrets in life, is one of the nastiest feelings ever. So knowing what the most
common regrets people have in life is great…because then you know what to

Imagine a fulfilling, peaceful life you can be proud of…being relieved of worrying over having painful regrets…To start you off, I want you to start taking action on one of these regrets today. Work on it, until you’ve got it handled. Then move onto the next… You’ll soon be well on your way to having a life free of painful regrets…

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You’ve read 5 Regrets People Have on Their Death Bed and How to Avoid Them, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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