5 Ways to Help You Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Drinking water is very important for maintaining good health. Many individuals are dehydrated daily, which can lead to headaches, constipation, and the potential for high blood pressure. All these health risks can be avoided by drinking water. Here are five tips that can help you stay hydrated throughout your day.

Always Have a Water Bottle Around

Often a lack of hydration can be because of not having any water around to drink. By always having a water bottle around there is no excuse to not stay hydrated. These water bottles do not have to be plastic disposable, store-bought water bottles. It can instead be a refillable water bottle.

When you are using a refillable water bottle you can make sure that the water you are drinking is high quality. There are water purification drops that you can use to make sure your water is high quality. If you are traveling and in an area with bad tap water, these drops can help cleanse the water you are drinking.

Set Alarms to Remind You to Drink Water

Another reason that you may not be hydrated throughout the day is that you just simply forget to drink water. When you are busy throughout the day you may tend to focus on the task at hand and forget to eat or drink. Therefore, you may need to set alarms on your phone.

You can set an alarm on your phone once every hour to remind you to drink water. You do not have to chug a huge amount of water at these times, but they are just to make sure that you are hydrating frequently.

Add Flavor to Your Water

A lot of people do not like drinking water because there is no taste to it, and they would prefer to drink a sports drink that is flavored. While these sports drinks can help your hydration levels, they also contain a lot of sugar among other things that may not be great for you. There are many products that are made to flavor water.

The most common product that is used to flavor water is MiO. Crystal Light also makes products that flavor your water. These can also serve as a replacement for soda, or other sugary drinks if you are trying to lose weight.

Monitor Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Alcohol is known for causing dehydration. When drinking alcoholic beverages, you are consuming alcohol which will remove fluids from your bloodstream, and it will cause you to urinate more because of this. In addition to the effect that alcohol has, you are drinking alcohol which can make you feel as if you do not need to drink any water.

Caffeine is not as notorious as alcohol for causing dehydration, but it is along the same lines. If you are drinking a lot of beverages with caffeine, then you may feel as if you do not need to drink water. It also removes fluids from your bloodstream, just not as much as alcohol does.

Keep Track of Your Water Intake

Keeping track of your water intake may cause you to drink more water throughout the day. If you are not keeping track of your water intake, then you may overestimate how much water you have drank throughout the day. By keeping track of the fluid ounces, you have drunk you will know exactly how much water you need to drink to meet your daily goal.

The recommended amount of water for men is 13 cups a day, and the recommended amount for women is 9 cups a day. It will not hurt you to drink more than this, but if you are struggling to drink water as it is, these are your daily goals.


Drinking water is extremely important for your health. Your body is made up of nearly 75% water, which is why it is so important. If you are struggling to drink water follow these tips, and if you are already hitting your daily goal keep it up!

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