6 months of Progress 273>204 = 69 lbs lost. what happened, and what I did

Progression through the 26 weeks

Height: 5 feet 9 inches ; 176 cm SW: 273 lbs ; 123.8 kg CW: 204.0 lbs ; 92.55 kg GW1: 202 lbs ; 91.6 kg (this transitions me from Obese to Overweight BMI-wise)

I started the journey on Jan 29 this year, but started calorie counting on Feb 1 with MyFitnessPal I did not know my weight until Feb. 9, where I weighed in at 273 lbs

why/how I 'became Obese'/'reached that weight': I was always overweight, but was never obese before 2012 I started to get depressed back in 2009, I broke down around 2011, thats when I also got professional help didn't know back then that antidpressants can make you gain weight (and didn't really care back then, I was young) I think that turned me into a very quick eater, and that caused me to overeat, cause I eat until I "feel" full

this was me back in 2011 and 2012

I lost weight before, in 2013, I went from 245 lbs to 205 lbs in around 8 months I didn't track calories back then, and I was still eating so much, but I was very active in Muay Thai, I spent almost 4 hours a day, 6 days a week I loved it, I loved kicking things (I used to train TaeKwanDo and BaJiQuan when I was younger)

life happened (college), and I slowly drifted away from Muay Thai I decided to lose weight again around 2015, but kept delaying cause I'm confident I can lose it again I kept delaying and delaying and then, there I was, back in Jan/Feb 2019, 270+ lbs

What pushed me to start the journey to lose weight: what pushed me over the edge it was very trivial I woke up, I was hungry, and there was no cooked rice available and just thought: "hmm, I think now is a good time to start dieting again"

that was what pushed me over the edge the reasons why I'm on that edge was:

I found this subreddit I was a reddit user since ~2013, but never seen this subreddit until I saw this post in the /r/all last year https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/8eoh9c/what_they_dont_tell_you_when_you_start_a_major/ ever since I found this post, I started lurking lose it every now and then, until January 29, when I started lurking the sub everyday

I also found this post from /r/Documentaries https://www.reddit.com/r/Documentaries/comments/7goayn/obese_autopsy_the_post_mortem_2016_a_postmortem/ there was something about this that irked/hit me

What I did to get to this point: Food Calorie Counting is a big eye-opener for me

I liked to snack back then, my favorite was these cheese wafers, I can down a 3 packs every day when I started counting, I found at that their calories per serving was 42 for 2 sticks, cool but 1 pack has 14 sticks, with me eating 3 packs of those a day, that's easily around 900 calories and those cheese wafers are not the only snacks I ate in a day, I also drank Soda I used to drink 2 12oz(355ml) of Soda a day all that snacking progressively stopped when I started looking at nutrition facts

didn't do any specialized diet, just made sure that I'm below my daily caloric goals used MyFitnessPal to track, set it to sedentary, at 1lb loss a week

I also started progressively eating clean when I started, I just eat what I ate back then, but I was portioning it ate mostly canned foods in my first few weeks cause they were easy to track around 2nd week of june, I started meal prepping, and also tracking macros and from that point til now, I have been eating unprocessed food (except for breakfast)

When I get the feeling of hunger, I always think that its "hunger" for water, most of the time it is (can't really say it's thirst, kinda hard to explain) I drink water, after a while if the hunger wanes, thats good, if not, I eat I don't really follow a schedule on when I'm gonna eat (unless I'm at work)

with all this, I have found deeper appreciation for food I took it for granted, cause I always eat, I didn't feel hunger back then now I do, Food is great when I started tracking macros, I found an even deeper appreciation for vegetables, specially legumes Legumes are very nice, they have protein and fiber I also changed from White Rice to Black Rice, that much fiber is nice Phantom Poop from that point on

Subreddits that helped me on food /r/loseit /r/Nutrition /r/slowcooking /r/MealPrepSunday /r/EatCheapandHealthy

google also helped a lot when I'm searching for calories

Physical Activity I didn't do much physical activity on february I started walking on march just walking, no goal distance, whats important is that I walk started tracking my walks around 3rd week of march with "strava"

Started to do training on Apr 09 the routine I have all came from reddit I don't go to the gym (yet) it's not that I hate going to the gym but I don't think I'm strong enough to really take advantage of going to the gym

My routine was full body weight at the start Push-up > Squat > Dips > Deadlift > Row > Calf Raise I progressed and now, some of my exercise now have added weights I also added Grip Training, and Static Stretching for cooldown (didn't do those when I was starting) my routine looks like this nowadays

subreddit that helped me on physical activity /r/bodyweightfitness /r/flexibility /r/GripTraining /r/fitness (check out their wiki)

also, this article is a good read https://leangains.com/fuckarounditis/

Mindset this has been repeated in this sub many times "motivation is fleeting, discipline is reliable" don't let motivation be your only fuel set up a habit/routine there are lots of times that I don't feel like training, it was discipline to follow my routine that pushes me through those days

as for my mindset on my weight loss I always believed in equivalent exchange for me, this is kind of a punishment? and this "punishment (kinda)" is an exchange for the laziness that amounted from my weight gain like payment for the past (living life easy before, now I'm working hard) now that I started it, I personally want to be more "athlete-like" after shedding these fat/weight

Where I go from here I'm still technically obese BMI-wise, there's still a long way to go but I've already set my eyes on where I want to be fitness-wise

My end goal is to be around 12%-15% body fat with an FFMI of >22

might reach it, might not reach it, but at least it's something to look forward to 🙂

Miscellaneous things that I used: Measuring Cup Set (Food Prep) Food Scale (Food Portioning) Weighing Scale (Weight monitoring) Microwaveable Food Containers (Meal Prep) Slow Cooker

Gloves (for training) Resistance Band Dumbbell (just 1 handle, and free weights) Gripper Foam Roller Yoga Mat

I hope this post can help someone on their journey

sorry for the long read

and thank you loseit community good luck to everyone on their journey

also, thank you /u/CailanJade if I didn't see that post at that time I might have never seen /r/loseit

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