7 Best Indoor Gardening Kits and Systems for 2022

7 Best Indoor Gardening Kits And Systems For 2022

The popularity of indoor gardening has “grown” significantly these last few years. Maybe it’s due to the pandemic, or perhaps because many of us want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Whatever the motivation, if you live in an urban environment or an area that experiences harsh winters, indoor garden kits help you keep the green alive no matter the season.

Choosing an Indoor Gardening Kit

An indoor gardening kit or system is one that’s set up inside a home or a greenhouse. It utilizes nature’s sunshine, artificial lighting or both.

Types of systems

Hydroponic (without soil);
Natural light source (window);
Artificial light source (grow lights).

Kit features to consider when shopping

Lighting type;
Plant maintenance;

Keep green thumbs busy throughout the winter and beyond with one of these top-performing indoor garden kits.

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