7 Kinds of Desktop Wallpapers to Inspire Your Work Every Day


Changing your desktop wallpaper is one of the oldest and most common ways to personalize your computer. With a few clicks, you can showcase photos of your kids, your favorite celebrity, or moments from your most recent vacation.

You can even give your productivity a boost with a work wallpaper. If you spend a good chunk of your workday looking at your computer, why not use one of the seven types of work wallpapers outlined below?

1. Wallpapers to Organize Your Desktop

To do desktop wallpaper template

You don’t go through your workday without thinking, even if it feels that way sometimes. To help you think better, we recommend using a wallpaper to streamline your desktop.

If you often rely on, say, file shortcuts, how about using a desktop wallpaper to line up your files by level of importance? This can help focus your attention on the most important tasks you need to wrap up during the day.

You can also go for a wallpaper that lets you arrange your software icons into tidy little groups to match your workflow and avoid distractions. For example, grouping app shortcuts related to a specific task makes it easy to launch them when you need to work on the corresponding task.


To-do desktop template from DesignLovefest
Organizer and calendar template from Kaleidoscope
Task-prioritizing template from freelance designer Mac Funamizu
Workflow template from Your Brain Cubed

2. Calendar Wallpapers

If you live and die by your calendar, having one visible on your desktop ensures that it’s just a click away whenever you need it.

There are many calendar wallpaper options available, but one of the best is this editable wallpaper from CalendarLabs. To customize it, you can specify the month and year, wallpaper size and position, and whether the week should start from Monday. That’s not all—the wallpaper settings let you include holidays from a specific country and even a photo of your choice.


Interactive monthly calendar from DesktopCal
Monthly calendar backgrounds from Silo Creativo
Unique calendar wallpapers featured on Smashing Magazine
Wallpaper calendar freebies from FlipSnack

3. Wallpapers With Inspirational Quotes

Steve Martin quote

There’s a reason why coaches give their teams motivational speeches: words work. Motivation is your willingness to do something, along with the set of psychological forces that compel you to take action.

It may not seem like much, but featuring a motivational phrase or quote on your desktop wallpaper can work as a pick-me-up throughout the day and week.

The quote itself doesn’t matter so much as its impact on your mood. Pick one that never fails to inspire you. Feel free to choose a quote from a movie or a sitcom. You can also add a dash of humor to your day with wallpapers featuring cartoon characters or memes.


“Be so good they can’t ignore you” quote from Geckoandfly
“Before I do anything” quote from Quotesgram
Grumpy cat fun from Design Your Way
Amelia Earhart quote by Good Gallery

4. Calming Color Wallpapers

When you’re feeling agitated at work for any reason, you need a quick dose of relaxation. An easy way to get that is to rest your eyes on calming desktop backgrounds. We recommend using colored wallpapers. After all, it’s a well-known fact that colors can affect your mood in certain ways—the right ones can soothe you instantly.

Look for a relaxing wallpaper that features cool colors or gradients, or you can go with your favorite color or even an energizing one. The color blue is a safe bet. As for other colors, green and yellow are linked to happy feelings, while red and violet are said to boost energy levels. If you love dark-themed computer backgrounds, dig through these dark wallpaper sites for the best ones.


Blues and purples pattern from Pixels Talk
Green gradient wallpaper from HDWallSource
Grainy geometric colors from WallpaperCave
Yellow bokeh pattern from TechnoCrazed

5. Abstract Pattern Wallpapers

Colorful tile pattern

Do you prefer abstract patterns over simple color schemes? You’ll find plenty of abstract wallpapers options online and can download on you love. Begin your search at Wallpaper Abyss.

Look for wallpapers with kaleidoscope patterns, psychedelic prints, or fractal art. While abstract images do not represent anything in our physical reality, they can have a mesmerising and pleasing effect on the brain.


Colorful tile pattern from Wallpaper Abyss
Kaleidoscope pattern from Desktop Nexus
Grayscale pixelated pattern from WallpapersCraft
Fractal art wallpaper from NewEvolution Designs

6. Nature Scenes and Seasonal Wallpapers

It’s no secret that visuals of nature have a positive effect on the mind. So why not get yourself a seasonal desktop with a nature setting?

Each season has a distinctive feel. If you crave a particular season over another, use computer backgrounds that reflect what you want to see. In December and January, you might want a wintry landscape. Springtime is time for an image of a blooming flower or gently falling rain. Summertime could mean images of the beach. Fall might call for photos of changing leaves or harvested crops. Go with an image that has an instant feel-good effect on you.


Tropical island at sunset from Wallup
Nature pictures from Unsplash
Winter morning sunrise from Cool Digital Photography
Autumn nature trail from 1Zoom.me

7. Minimalist Wallpapers

Giraffe wallpaper

To keep your mind clear and focus on your work, go with a wallpaper with a minimalist aesthetic. It could have a simple motif tucked away in a corner, or a standalone word or phrase that also does the job of motivating you. To keep the minimalist vibe going, ensure that your desktop is free of clutter and well organized.

A minimalist desktop can have a soothing impact on you much like wallpapers with cool colors do. It can be an easy-to-try entry point if you want to start living a minimalist lifestyle.


Hardworking giraffe from Lifehack
Paper boat from icanbecreative
Snellen’s chart quote from Set As Wallpaper
Minimal jellyfish wallpaper from TechSpot

Pick the Right Wallpaper for Work!

The wallpaper on your desktop is not likely to make or break how you perform at work, but it’s certainly not useless either. The right work desktop backgrounds can make your workday pleasing and productive. If you don’t fancy any of the wallpaper options we’ve outlined above, why not create a top quality desktop wallpaper yourself?

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