7 months ago this sub gave me my “click” and 7 months later i’m down 100lbs

Around 7 months ago I found this sub and after looking through a bunch of posts I had what some call a click. Something changed in my head and for the first time in my life I started working on losing weight with crazy confidence that I could actually do it.

I just wanted to thank anyone who has posted in the last 7 months, because I have been lurking almost everyday since I started and have learned so much about nutrition and weight loss and they also really help with motivation.

I'm sure someone will ask what i've been doing to lose the weight, and it's just the same thing that has been said over and over on this sub. CICO and tracking what I eat. I also have been trying keto for the last month, and so far I absolutely love it, but it's definitely not for everyone.

If anyone really wants to see my progress pics just look at my posts I only have 2 and just posted them on r/progresspics I would link the post but i'm not sure if that's allowed.

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