7 Ways to Compliment Your Written Text Content with Online Video

Creating articles and blog entries is essential to your website.
It engages people and gets them to want to know more about your
brand. If done well, you are offering quality content that makes
people want to come back for more. But, let’s face it. Text alone can be
boring sometimes

We are visual by nature, so adding a beautiful picture or
graphic to your text can help bring out the essential aspects of a
post and help create hype for your brand.

Better yet, use video. Video is the most engaging format of
media available today as evidenced by
statistics on video marketing.
Users respond to it 66 times
more often than text because it adds a visual element to your
content. It is also more shareable because you can add social media
share buttons or have people share it on YouTube.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified
leads per year.
Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand

Below are some practical ways that you can incorporate video
within your text to complement what you’re saying while not
interrupting your main message.

1. Use humor.

Using humor in videos
is one of the best ways to captivate your
audience through video. Whether you were using talking head and
interviewing people on the street about what they think about your
products or creating hand-drawn animations through a whiteboard
presentation, using humor is one of the best ways you can attract
an audience.

People love to laugh, and they want relief from the stress that
they face every day. Studies show that people come to the internet
through mobile devices many times looking for funny videos. Use
this to your advantage by adding funny videos to your page to
accent your text.

2. Create an engaging thumbnail.

Remembering that people are visual, make sure that you create an
engaging video

That emphasizes what your video is about. Having bright colors
or a logo that attracts their interest will help but always make
sure to capture one of the most interesting aspects of the video.
If you use actual video footage for the still shot, take a little
extra time at this point to think about how to create an
interesting thumbnail. The thumbnail will get indexed as an image
in Google and also on YouTube when people look for content.

3. Try whiteboard animations.

One of the best things about using whiteboard animation is that
you can tell an entire story of your brand or explain how to use
your products or services. Through this systematic and detailed
approach, users will see a hand drawing out the information that
you want to show them, and you can build a whole city by showing
the hand what to draw when you create your whiteboard

People love whiteboard because perhaps it reminds them of their
early days in school when teachers drew out things on the
chalkboard. It may also be reminiscent of some of the old cartoons
that were built on simple frames. Whatever the case or the
motivation people love whiteboard animations and you should love
them too if you’re a business owner. They allow you to take the
viewer from start to finish all the way to your call to action.
Also, studies show it keeps their attention longer than other kinds
of video and may, therefore, make them stay until your call to

3. Create infographics.

Infographics were developed about 10 years ago, and they
combined some of the best elements of informational text with
graphics that appeal to someone’s visual interest. What’s more,
you can make an infographic into a video using some simple
technology and software such as you might find on the Simple Show
website. Check out some of the video examples here and
see what you might want to do to bring your content alive through
whiteboard video for infographics.

5. Place the video at the top of the blog or website entry and
describe the information in the video below it.

Some of the psychology involved in sharing videos that work is
the placement as to where you put them on the page. If you put the
video at the top of the page, it is going to be the first thing
they see when they enter your website and therefore they will
assume that it is one of the most important aspects of your site.
Put it in your blog as well to draw more attention and make sure
and use keywords in your video description so that you will pull in
people from both YouTube as well as general search engine

6. Try a cartoon with frames and text written below.

Have you ever thought about creating a frame by frame cartoon
the way they used to do it? You can do this through whiteboard
animation. Take a look at some samples of whiteboard animations and
decide for yourself which one might be the most effective with your
branding. You’re entertaining people when you use white boarding,
and that is the key to keeping their attention. People want
information, but they also want it given to them on an interesting
platform and format. You can communicate anything you need to
communicate attractively and dynamically that will keep them coming
back for more.

To learn more about the many different ways individuals and
brands are creating hand drawn cartoons and using them within
whiteboard videos,
click here

7. Use video testimonials and use captions to illustrate what
people said.

Create character animations of people talking and recommending
your brand. You can use dialogue from customer service emails or
from the feedback you’ve received on social media so that it will
be authentic. Then use characters to deliver the dialogue.

Remember you want to increase the visual interaction and draw
more customers to your website, so whiteboard animation is a great
way to do this while keeping their attention and staying on focus.

Customer testimonials
should talk about the positive aspects
and why the people liked your brand so that they will want to share
this with others.

There are many ways that you can build your brand by adding
video as a main component to your content. This keeps the material
interesting instead of just putting out text, which can be boring
to people over the long-term. You can use these techniques on your
blogs or websites and other sites by cross-advertising across your
platforms using the same keywords throughout.

This is a part of building your brand and integrating your
marketing strategy so that video becomes a focus of what you do.
This will greatly increase your impact and this is backed
up by research.

Think Visual!

Whatever you do, think video and think visual, because the
is about handheld devices
looking for videos that tell them
what they want to know fast. If you can meet this need you will be
on the top of the heap in the near future as we move toward an AI
dependent and video mobile-focused world.

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