9 Easy Ways to Get a Better Sleep

9 Easy Ways to Get a Better Sleep

Do you need a night of better sleep? When you aren’t sleeping
well, your brain isn’t functioning at its peak.

It’s easy to treat our bodies as if we’re invincible and
think something as silly as sleep is only an issue of mind over
matter, but that’s not how it works. Taking care of yourself is

You want to be comfortable in a happy and healthy body because a
healthy body will get a lot more work done than a sluggish one.
This matters even more for bloggers, freelancers, and other
entrepreneurs who depend on their minds to be sharp to get their
work done.

If you use these 9 tips for getting a night of better sleep, you
will definitely have the
motivation to work

You will also improve your work-life

1: Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

When you work for yourself, it’s easy to ignore any kind of
routine, but this one matters. By sleeping at the same times every
day, you train your internal clock. This can lead to falling asleep
faster and waking up easier, which means less wasted time staring
at the clock, waiting to fall asleep.

2: Exercise

Daily exercise will help your body feel ready for rest at night.
Not only will it help you fall asleep faster, but it will keep you
asleep for the night. Even light exercise can produce a significant

3: Make Your Bed a Relaxing Place to Be

Invest in a comfortable mattress. If your mattress has reached
ten years old, it is definitely time for a new one.

Also, look into quality Egyptian cotton
and quality pillows.

4: Don’t Look at Your Phone

It’s a routine that many of us have gotten into, and it’s a
bad idea. The blue light from your phone will not help you get to
sleep. You could turn on the
feature that reduces the blue light
, but you should avoid
looking at your phone before you go to bed.

If you’re really having a hard time with this, put your phone
in another room at night. Keeping this distraction out of your room
is a great way to get better sleep. You might need to buy an alarm
clock if you place your phone far away. However, what I do is use
the DO NOT DISTURB feature on my phone. This feature turns off all
sounds on my phone (including notifications as well as stopping it
from ringing) but it allows the alarm function to still work. So,
when I need to wake up, I can still hear the alarm!

It always works, too, because I chose a really annoying alarm
and I set it to the maximum volume!

5: Avoid Heavy Meals

For the three hours before bedtime, don’t eat. Indigestion
will keep you awake late into the night.

Certain food will also cause you to have strange dreams or
nightmares, if you eat before you go to bed. I have experienced
this firsthand!

6: No Caffeine

For the truly coffee-addicted person, this can be rough. Switch
out your evening cup of coffee for a relaxing sleepy-time tea.

7: Create a Bedtime Routine

Winding down before bed is a good way to let your body know that
yes, it’s time to sleep.

Reading a book has always been a good plan for this time of
night. Did you know that reading a book can be like
going on a vacation

Journaling can help with, too, especially if you take 10 minutes
to write down what you are most grateful for and what went well in
your day.

8: Turn on the Air Conditioner or Open a Window

Your body naturally cools down before bed, so lowering the
temperature in your bedroom is a good way to signal to your body
it’s time for sleep. Studies have found that rooms between 60 and
67 degrees can naturally increase melatonin production, which
improves sleep quality.

9: Talk to Your Doctor

If you’ve tried some of these natural suggestions and still
can’t sleep, it’s time to talk to your doctor. They may suggest
taking melatonin, an over-the-counter supplement, or they may
prescribe something stronger.

Having difficulty sleeping and staying asleep can also be
indicative of sleep apnea. Your doctor can arrange for you to
attend a sleep study, where this can be diagnosed.


Getting a night of better sleep is imperative to a healthy body
and proper mental functioning.

Use the tips provided here to improve your sleeping and
productivity patterns!

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