A shitty fishtank alleviated my depression more than antidepressants have done

Im numb and suicidal most of the time and my friend suggested I get a fish.

Well, after going on gumtree I found a cheap 70L fishtank and put some grass in it. Its far from impressive and looks like shit but I am anticipated as to what I can create. I want to be able to create a small, beautiful world for some fish. Possibly gouramis, or guppies… or tetras, hell, maybe even some shrimp.

Its been so long since I've felt something positive; Don't get me wrong, I'm still suicidal & depressed but I feel like I have something to work towards. Right now the only thing keeping me alive is my second-hand, cheap fishtank and what may come of it.

I know this isn't for all of you & it can be hard to find motivation to get out of bed (I'm like that too most days), but if you have the energy maybe try get a fish tank, a second hand one (because theyre cheap). If you have no hobbies maybe try for a fishtank. Maybe get a pet rat (at my local store theyre like 5$). Just get a small companion you can care for. Especially if you have no friends, consider getting a small pet.

I had no hobbies, I would zone out infront of my laptop so Im hoping Ill really enjoy fishkeeping. Its been a long time since Ive felt pleasure.

Honestly, I used to see the future as completely dark and was going to kill myself, but stupidly enough a big, shitty fishtank has managed to make a small dim light I can use to see. I hope this light burns brighter & hopefully one day everything will be clear.

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