Adam Schefter on Breaking a Big Story: “It’s Like a Drug, You Become Addicted to It”

Adam Schefter, owner of the most locked-in nose for NFL news at ESPN, is tireless in his pursuit of the almighty scoop. Even reading about his daily routine is exhausting. A sane person might wonder why a person would do this to themselves.

HBO is the latest seek answers about what makes Schefter tick. He’s profiled on the season debut of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, airing Tuesday at 10 p.m.

One motivation? The endorphin rush of being first to market with some juicy reportage. Schefter likens it to a drug.

Sounds incredible. Probably like when a blogger fires of a good snarky zinger in copy, only better.

It’s interesting to think about Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski’s place in sports media every so often and compare their value to the opinionists. It feels, in early 2019, that the scoop remains powerful, if only because the newsbreakers are much harder to replace with cheaper labor.

This, of course, is a cyclical power play, so check back in a few months, when everything could look differently.

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