Advice for someone who feels empty and is losing motivation to live?

Hello, I’ve never been on this forum so please excuse me if I say anything incorrect or unnerving. I just turned 19 about a month ago and I’m currently in community college. I spend most of my days going to school, work and home. Lately I’ve been starting to feel increasingly more depressed. I’m not even sure why I feel this way but I decided to tell my family and it’s pretty much gone ignored. My mom is super religious and just said it’s because I don’t spend enough time in church, My brothers also completely dismissed my feelings. I’m not at point where I want to take my own life but I’ve noticed that as days go on I’m starting to sleep more throughout the day and disassociate from the rest of the world. I do talk to people from my job and I have social media so I’m not in complete isolation but even then those interactions don’t feel genuine anymore. I feel like a complete joke all the time. I had gone to therapy before for my parents divorce but my therapist didn’t make me feel comfortable talking to her and was giving information from our sessions to the rest of the family. My life just seems to be string of terrible things happening to me most of which I’m not even comfortable saying. Oh god this all looks so rambly I’m sorry in advance. I just feel backed into a corner at this point and I’m kinda scared. Thank you for reading and if you have any advice please share I’m desperate.

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