After three years of being stagnant, I have finally found my path out

My road to being an addict started junior year. I went to a very large party school and basically partied W-S every week during senior year. My life has deteriorated since, until a few months ago. I didn’t have a job and wasn’t working out at all. Since then I’ve been working out and reducing my habit rigorously. I’ve gained 15 pounds of muscle in 6 months and have been burning fat. I just got a decent job that I hope to improve on.

During my childhood all of my friends saw me as a prodigy and thought of me as the person who would make it big. While my current situation may be a small step, I feel the drive to actually implement my mentality and skill in a meaningful way.

Along with taking small steps towards reducing my alcohol intake and getting back into great shape, I had an experience today which was great motivation. I took my dad to the cancer center at a prominent hospital. While I was waiting for his third appointment of the day, an absolutely gorgeous girl came up to me during her lunch break. She worked at the hospital as a receptionist. I was in absolute shock that she approached me in the cafeteria. I’ve always dated good looking girls but she was absolutely a 10. We had a great convo for about 40 minutes and she ended up giving me her number.

I just feel like this is a good time to tell anyone who’s struggling right now that things can change quickly with the right choices. I can easily say I haven’t been this happy in years

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