Almost no hope anymore…

Dear redditors,

I am a 24 years old male from Switzerland who is having a really rough time since more than a year now. Every day I wake up completly exhausted and wasted, no matter how much I sleep and when I go to bed. I`ve made thousands of medical examinations to a point where it does not make sense to dig any further into that anymore. Just to give you an overview, I make a list for what I have been tested for:

-several complete blood tests (vitamins, minerals, etc..) -multiple sclerosis (MS) -thyroid -apnea (2 sleep overs in two different sleep clinics) -CT/MRI scans -lyme disease -celiac disease -stool tests for bacteria and fungus -allergies -examination of my pyche

What the doctors found out is:

1) Gilbert's Syndrome (should not be responsible for the above described symptoms though) 2) DAO enzyme is quite low in blood samples which could be an indication for histamine intolerance 3) Minor cat epithel allergy (i have a cat but I never get the typical symptoms like itchy kinda feelings and running nose etc) 4) Polysomnography finding 1 was: AHI 18 – – > upper airway resistance syndrome (from of obstructive apnea found especially in young adults who are not overweight and snoring is no requirement). This finding has been made from a quite untrustworthy sleep clinic with specialization in surgery. Finding number 2 was: mild central sleep apnea with a lot of arousals which are not breathing related. AHI was 12 and they meant that it could come from stress or anxiety which could be true. This sleep clinic suggested to take medication against anxiety. I tried some benzodiazepines before going to bed to see if its gonna get better but with no success at all. 5) Mild depression and mild generalized anxiety (i have been more depressed in the past but never experienced non restorative sleep in combination with daytime sleepiness)

I dont feel depressed at the moment to be honest so I think that this is a physical problem. No doctor found something essential that could be logically responsible for my symptoms. I am at a point where completely giving up is not far away anymore as I am running out of guesses and tries to be able to live a normal life again. I used to be highly energetic and did really enjoy my life but now everything changed. I am sleepy every second and my motivation goes down frok day to day as I cant see the light anymore.

In my opinion my problems could be caused by something of the following: depression (even if its not that obvious), allergy to certain foods/ingredients (even if it could only be histamine in my case), apnea (maybe an AHI of 12 is enough and it could really occur spontanously) and allergy (wouldnt make too much sense though).

I really need your help and I am happy about every input from every person here on reddit, as my doctors cant really help me.

I thank every one in advance!

Best regards

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