Anyone Interested in being part of a Free Online Programme for Overcoming Panic Attacks/Panic Disorder? (via weekly blog posts)

Currently writing up a practical programme for overcoming constant panic attacks/ panic disorder.

It's FREE. No medication nor therapy. (Not that they're bad, but means its cheap!)

Why is it free? because i'm not tight and i know how awful panic attacks are!

If you're interested in following my posts, I am going to attempt to write a full programme that everyone can follow week by week. I will create a discussion in the forum section where everyone can discuss about how they're going, any worries or set-backs they might be having, any difficulties or just to offer motivation and peer support!

I will post once, maybe twice a week to help us along. How to do it, why it works, some extra tips and techniques, How I did it, how to overcome set-backs etc… not quite sure how long it will run for, but several weeks or months, depends how many i get signed up! They will all be on the website, so you can go through them at your own time afterwards too!

If you're interested in tagging along and seeing if it can help you to overcome your panic attacks or panic disorder or atleast, improve it…

Go to… and sign up, (all you have to do is put your email address!) so you can get updates as reddit doesn't like me posting my site here too much understandably!

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