Are You Sabotaging Your Health and Recovery?

Many people come to the office in pain or looking to improve their health.  Then they wonder why it’s taking so long or they aren’t getting the results they are looking for.  What are you doing that is sabotaging your health and recovery?  If you continue to do things that are causing the problems, it makes it difficult to heal.  There are many factors that affect your recovery and whether you get healthy again:

1)  Hydration:  Your body is made of many tissues.  Muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs all comprised of cells that require water.  Think of a sponge.  If it is kept wet, it is pliable.  You can bend it or twist it and it is more resilient. BUT if you let the sponge dry out, it gets hard and brittle.  Try bending the sponge now and it will break and tear. When your body is dehydrated, it is like that dried out sponge.  It becomes brittle and fragile.  It tears easier.  Your tissues and cells require water to be healthy.  Being dehydrated is sabotaging your health and recovery.

Stop Sabotaging Your Health and Recovery!

Unfortunately most people do not drink enough water and on top of that you drink caffeinated beverages like coffee that dehydrate you.  Your body needs half your weight in ounces of water per day (eg. if you weigh 150lbs you need to drink 75 ounces of water per day).  If you drink just one cup of coffee per day it negates up to 4 to 8 glasses of water.  I recommend that you cut out the coffee and try for just 30 days to drink the required amount of water and see how much better you feel.

2)  Inflammation:  Swelling is a response to injury, trauma and an unhealthy body.  Even a poor diet and dehydration can lead to an increase in inflammation.  Inflammation in your body leads to many diseases and even cancer.  This is another factor sabotaging your health.

Many people take NSAIDs or pills that help decrease the inflammation but these pills are dangerous and have many side effects.  By changing your diet and using natural supplements, we can reduce your inflammation naturally.  In our office, we have a product call Inflammation, which is 20 herbs and botanicals to help your body reduce inflammation.

3)  Tight, hyper muscles:  Your muscles get tight to splint the areas of concern.  Also, dehydration leads to tighter muscles.  Stretching is a key component not only of your treatment plan, but to be done on a daily basis to help your body reduce stress built up each day while sitting or standing at work or doing other daily activities.  It’s like brushing your teeth!  You don’t only brush your teeth when the dentist finds a cavity do you?  No, you brush daily to help prevent future problems and your teeth from falling out.  At least your teeth can be replaced.  You are born with one spine, and just like your teeth, the bones and discs decay when you don’t take care of them.  Your spine cannot be replaced, so take 5 minutes a day to do stretching.  Here are some links to stretching we show patients: neck stretching, low back stretching and leg stretches.  Also, getting adjusted regularly is proven to help prevent spinal degeneration and improve overall body function, as well stopping the sabotaging your health.

4)  Weight:  80% of the United States is overweight!  Obesity is a leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and other diseases.  This extra weight also puts on additional stress to your spine, joints, muscles and discs.  For every 25 pounds you are overweight, there is an exponential amount of stress added to these tissues.  Being overweight is sabotaging your health!  By losing weight you not only remove this stress, but decrease inflammation and improve your health!  Our nutritional weight loss system is scientifically proven to provide results.  You can find out more:  Freehold Weight Loss

5) Nutrition:  Your body needs quality nutrition to heal tissues.  Nutrition is the fuel for your body to run.  Just like a high performance car, if you put low grade fuel into it, the car will drop in efficiency and start having problems.  Your body starts to crash, have less energy and is less healthy when you put low nutritious food into it.  Your body also needs the vitamins, minerals, quality protein to help tissues to heal.

Many processed foods are depleted of vitamins and minerals you need.  Even organic foods aren’t what you are made to think they are.  Our soils are deficient in elements from overuse.  Studies show that you have to eat 10 apples today, to get the value of one apple from the 70’s.  Another study shows you’d have to eat 50 bowls of spinach to get the value of 1 bowl from the 70’s.  These are scary stats.  

It’s so important to supplement with a quality multi-vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and omegas.  Many patients tell me they take a vitamin:  centrum, one a day, GNC daily or others.  You have to know these vitamins are not bioavailable.  This means they do not break down in time to be absorbed into your body.  Research has shown many of these supplements even get stuck in the intestinal walls and cause inflammation in the gut.  I had one patient that didn’t believe me and when we sent her for an X-ray of her back, the results came back stating multiple supplemental pills likely stuck in the intestinal mucosa.  Once we got her off the centrum, stomach problems and joint pain she had for years, started to go away.

Another 80% of the United States population is deficient in Vitamin D.  Vitamin D serves several important functions in the body. These include:  promoting calcium absorption (women tend to experience osteoporosis), maintaining normal calcium and phosphate levels, promoting bone and cell growth, reducing inflammation.  A deficiency in Vit D alone can lead to difficulty thinking clearly, bone pain, frequent fractures, muscle weakness, fatigue and more.

We highly recommend the top multi-vitamin with omegas, antioxidants and telomere support that makes sure you get the levels you need and actually absorb into your body. :  Complete Essentials Daily Pack

Are you ready to stop sabotaging your health?  Are you ready to make your health and body a priority?  Do you finally want to feel the best you can?  Are you ready to enjoy a long, healthy life?

If you answered yes, feel free to contact me.  The hydration is an easy thing to improve on.  I can also help you with weight loss.  We have the number one weight loss program available as it addresses not only weight loss, but nutrition, anti-inflammation, removing toxins from the body and much more.  We also have a proprietary blend of herbs in supplement form to help you reduce inflammation.

I hope you found this information helpful.  Please make sure to share this with others.  You now just have to take the next step to implement.  I’m here every step of the way for you!

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