KosAbility: Internalized ableism is a consequence of an ableist society. Let’s dismantle both

Ableism is pervasive in society, accepted as normal and “how things are,” because too many people are oblivious to the myriad ways systemic ableism determines how we build out human spaces and interact. Even if you aren’t disabled, read on—everyone contributes to internalized ableism, or the ableism disabled people apply to themselves, because it comes from society. Ableism can be defined as “stereotyping, […]

A Look at the Cloudinary WordPress Plugin

(This is a sponsored post.) Cloudinary (the media hosting and optimization service) has a brand new version (v3) of its WordPress plugin that has really nailed it. First, a high-level look at the biggest things this plugin does: It takes over your media handling. Images and video are served by Cloudinary instead of your own […]

STAY STRONG (Official Music Video) Listen Every Day!

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I’ve burned out i think.

Over the last 1.5years i've lost 16kilos on a very limited amount of calories, having said goodbye to my health in many aspects, moved to a different country(got to my dream uni tho), broke up with my (now, due to moving) long distance partner who I loved because i basically outgrown him. And the exams […]