NYU’s LEARN Highlights Results from “College in the Time of Corona” Survey

During a virtual discussion last week, New York University’s (NYU) Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN) highlighted data from its most recent study focused on students’ experiences with remote learning during the 2020 spring semester. Almost 300 undergraduate and graduate students from 50 universities participated in the “College in the Time of Corona” survey between late […]

I overcame severe mental health issues and years of physical/mental abuse. Wrote a story on how I managed to do it with a lot of useful information.

This post is about how I managed to beat generalized anxiety, trauma, severe panic attacks and depression. Also how I healed from many years of physical and mental abuse. Hopefully this can give others a different perspective and move on as well. I had extremely abusive parents growing up; physically and mentally. My mom was […]

(+) Why Reinvent the Wheel? A Proposal.

The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. WARNING: This article contains personal opinions. One thing that constantly puzzles me is why do genealogists keep re-inventing the same wheels? In fact, we have the tools today to reduce this duplication of effort immediately and perhaps to even drive it […]

Beast Unleashed (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation Ft. Alpha

Beast Unleashed (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation Ft. Alpha    Download or Stream the speech now, on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Deezer, Amazon MP3 BEAST UNLEASHED  Song – Copyright: Fearless Motivation | From the album RECHARGE Lyrics by Alpha | Music Composed by Patrick Rundblad Performed by Alpha BEAST UNLEASHED (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation […]

Team Fortress 2 Players Turn The Tables On Cheaters With Extermination Bots

Team Fortress 2 players have begun programming bots specifically to hunt down and eliminate other malicious bots being used by cheaters. Valve’s beloved multiplayer shooter has long been plagued by bots of all kinds. Some automatically and feverishly fill the game chat with racist, homophobic, and otherwise inflammatory hate speech, while others implement game-breaking hacks […]

Oregon GOP Submits ‘Had Enough? Vote Republican!’ Statement For Official Voter Pamphlets. It Won’t Be Included.

The Oregon secretary of state has rejected the state Republican Party’s effort to include on official voter pamphlets a statement challenging the state’s Democratic leadership because it was allegedly submitted 29 seconds after the Aug. 25 deadline.  The statement was titled “Had Enough? Vote Republican,” and contained recent examples of Democratic management in the state, […]