Track Your Progress Toward Your Bigger Goals

Achieving life goals need persistency and being completely focused. A life goal can be finishing up your degree, thesis, getting a professional certification or similar. However, be careful about not mixing up your day-to-day goals with your bigger personal goals. Crossing off items from your daily to-do list is a great motivator and a source […]

College is making me miserable

Hi Reddit, I am currently a junior majoring in microbiology and minoring in music performance. This semester has been the worst one of my life, mentally and academically. I am not even taking any classes in my major, the only science courses I am taking are Organic Chem 2 (with lab) and Biochem. The rest […]

Lack of motivation to talk to people

I don't think I'm an introvert but I just don't find myself at any time wanting to talk to people unless necessary professionally or otherwise. I do have a few things going on in my life regarding career and other things, but I guess if I wanted, I could surely spend some time talking or […]

Monday Motivation | Don’t Be Afraid!

#shorts 📞 Schedule a FREE DISCOVERY ZOOM CALL with my team to learn how we can personally help! Don’t be afraid of missing opportunities, behind every failure is an opportunity somebody wishes they had missed! – Lily Tomlin I would love to hear your feedback in the comments on what YOU think that quote […]

I can’t see any other options

I am severely depressed. I was diagnosed and medicated for ADHD back in November of 2020, and then successfully tapered off of my antidepressants (SNRI- Vortioxetine). Then, this year in June, I had a severe relapse and attempted my own life via overdose. My psychiatrist tried mirtazapine, then I tried Olanzapine for my severe insomnia, […]