Autumn blues?

Normally, I consider a fairly active person. I go to gym, I eat healthy-ish, I study Japanese, I jog and I see my friends.

I am currently on a two week streak of doing none of the above. I have not been to the gym for more than 2 weeks, I order takeouts every day, I have not touched Japanese and I stay away from my friends.

The main reason is that I just have no motivation/feel tired. I have tried to go back to the gym today but it made me feel miserable. Every day I tell myself I will get back to the same routine and every day I fail. And with every passing day I feel like there is no point in re-starting my exercise/study/social life because I have neglected it and going back is hard and pointless.

My partner (who is a psychologist) keeps on telling me that it is normal to have periods like this but I am growing increasingly worried/upset.

Is anyone feeling similarly?

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