Best Travel Hashtags: How to Get Featured by the Best Instagram Accounts

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What are the best travel hashtags to get featured by top Instagram accounts?

I love photography. It’s art. They say a photo can speak a thousand words, and as a self-proclaimed writer, I couldn’t agree more. But how do you find the best instagram accounts for features?

Instagram is an incredible platform to share stories, and be inspired. An Instagram post can lead to booking your next trip.

If you want to share your story through Instagram, or want inspiration from many people on a single platform, check out the best travel hashtags and their feature accounts. They actively share photos from around the world. Use their hashtags, and maybe they’ll share yours too!

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In this post:

– My Instagram Tips for Being Featured (my own account @StephBeTravel has grown to over 70k followers).

– Exclusive quotes from moderators representing some of the best instagram accounts for features.

– A mega-list of my favorite feature accounts and the the best travel hashtags.


Best Travel Hashtags & Instagram Tips: How to Get Featured on Instagram

Post better photos. I’m serious, have you seen what’s out there? Incredible talent! If you really want to get featured by instagram accounts, it starts with making your content feature-able. Read: Beginner’s Guide to the Best Photography Equipment
Curate your feed for Instagram. If you always post selfies, people will follow you because of your selfies. If you always post food and locals, people who are into that will follow you. Luxury or fashion are niche, but the point is to stick to something – that’s what makes your account subscribe-able. Feature accounts want to promote interesting accounts, not just a single photo.
Connect and engage with similar accounts. Is the GoPro account going to feature you if you aren’t posting GoPro photos? No. Is @DameTraveler going to feature you if the photo doesn’t have a woman? No. These are just examples, but you’ll notice that certain accounts post a particular photography style, and ONLY that style. Find that’s the ones that you authentically connect with.
Post during high traffic times to get featured on Instagram’s “explore page.” Instagram features photos and videos that people can browse.  When is your peak time to post? It depends on where your audience is and how they spend their time. Most people check their phone before they go to bed or first thing, when they wake up in the morning.
Reach out directly. You can direct message, comment, or email feature accounts with your best photos.
Connect with local and specialty accounts. In this post, I share a mega-list of all travel accounts, but there is a lot less competition with smaller accounts or regional accounts such as @SanFrancsciso and @TheGlobeJumpers. Say hello and use their hashtags too.


1. @DameTraveler #DameTraveler

Quality and Uniqueness. Anyone can take a photo in front of the Colosseum but is it taken from an interesting angle? How is it framed? Is the lighting creating a magical effect? I also look for high resolution/crisp, non-filtered photos that take you straight into dream world.

Nastasia, Dame Traveler founder.

The theme of the gallery is to include a female subject. So if you’re feeling feminine, share your #DameTraveler — who knows you could go from featured photo to featured blogger on the girl-power website.

You are
a minute
of quiet in a loud
world. ? by @agunghab #dametraveler

A photo posted by #dametraveler (@dametraveler) on Feb 13, 2016 at 8:27pm PST


2. @ThePeoplesCreatives #PeoplesCreatives

I’ve always told our past curators that when selecting a photo or artist to feature, that photo has to make you feel something. It should inspire you and push you to want to be greater at whatever it is that you do. If words like, “whoa, wow, babe…look! ” come out of my mouth, I know it’s a photo worth sharing or an artist worth showcasing.

Jefte Sanchez, Founder of @ThePeoplesCreatives

Hey @aaronbhall, we see you. #peoplescreatives

A photo posted by thepeoplescreatives. (@thepeoplescreatives) on Dec 21, 2015 at 7:45pm PST

3.  @BeautifulDestinations #BeautifulDestinations

We are continuously in awe of the incredible community and content creators on Instagram—many of which, we’re lucky enough to call friends. Whether the creator is a known Instagram influencer, or an up-and-comer who just joined the platform, we support and believe in their talent. We’re always on the lookout for the photographers that share something special, and let you see a destination in a new way. Through a combination of dedicated editorial curation and our proprietary analytics, our social strategist and management teams are able to determine photos that will be high performers, garnering an average of 120,000 likes per photo.

Gabby, Director of Social Media & Content

The #BeautifulDestinations team, led by @JeremyJauncey and @TomJauncey has the most engaged — and spectacular luxury and adventure photos in the world. The team also moderates these accounts: @BeautifulHotels @BeatifulMatters and @BeautifulCuisines

#BeautifulHotels #BeautifulMatter #BeautifulCuisines They run some of the best travel hashtags on the ‘gram.

"The Power of continual change" ?Words and photo by @jordanherschel! Tag your best nature photos with #beautifuldestinations

A photo posted by BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) on Feb 26, 2016 at 7:25am PST

4. @MatadorNetwork #TravelStoke

We look for epic photos from a new perspective and vantage points that inspire Matador Network followers to go out and explore the world for themselves.  If you pursue our feed, it’s photos that certainly convey a feeling of “we’ve made it!”  They feel victorious!

Kae Lani, Instagram Manager

Matador Network is an online millennial magazine addressing travel, culture, and sass. You can find some of my TravelBreak post syndicated on their website 🙂

There's no better #travelstoke than conquering a challenge. Tag someone who loves the climb! Photo by @scott_kranz (via @thirst.relief). Thanks for sharing!

A photo posted by Matador Network (@matadornetwork) on Feb 25, 2016 at 10:54am PST

5.  @EarthFocus @RoamThePlanet #RoamthePlanet #EarthFocus

When looking for content I compare posts with other posts from the photographer and see which get the best engagement. The image has to be different or unique and of a place people haven’t usually visited, but would put on their bucket list. Images with good colors work well too, as they catch people’s attention & get high likes.

Also images of cute animals or animals playing in a way you wouldn’t typically see do well.

James Cole, founder of Instagram awesomeness.

Chilling out on the Dettah Ice Road, Yellowknife, Canada. Photo by: @gary.clennan #earthfocus

A photo posted by EARTH FOCUS (@earthfocus) on Feb 26, 2016 at 3:41am PST

A memorable night spent on the shore of a lake in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness. ? by: @leiferiksmith Share your story: #RoamThePlanet

A photo posted by ROAM THE PLANET (@roamtheplanet) on Feb 25, 2016 at 5:16am PST

6. @DeluxeFx #DeluxeFx

“I look for only one thing: if i want to be there or not :)”

Founder of DeluxeFx App Photo Editing App

You’ll find the most colorful photos on Instagram on Deluxe FX, a feature account that takes your photo and adds a bright filter using the app Deluxe Fx (shocking).

By @doyoutravel ?To be featured by @golden_heart, @sassychris1, @izkiz, @deluxefx; please share your colorful travel photos and tag #aPlaceToRemember ?

A photo posted by DeluxeFX; beautify your photos (@deluxefx) on Feb 17, 2016 at 3:54am PST


7. @TheOutBound #TheOutbound

“To answer your question (in a succinct manner), it’s a kind of “you know when you know” decision.  There is framing, lighting, exposure, etc. that all play a factor, but you really just know an amazing photo when you see it.  It’s visceral.”

Grant Nyquist, Direct of Adventure, The Outbound Collective allows you to find hikes near you.

"Hike to Seneca Lake." ? @andrewrslaton #theoutbound #protectthewild. Get more details for this adventure on our iOS app or website and give @andrewrslaton a follow for more outdoor inspiration!

A photo posted by The Outbound Collective (@theoutbound) on Feb 24, 2016 at 12:30pm PST

8.  @SmallHotels @LuxurySmallHotels #SmallHotels #LuxurySmallHotels

“The resolution is important. I check to see if the photo is real. Above all, if it has a story, I’m wowed.”

Izim Bozada, Founder and founder of the best travel hashtags for hotels.

Winter in #Vernazza #Italy Photo Editor @ilhan1077

A photo posted by İzim Bozada's Small Hotels (@smallhotels) on Feb 18, 2016 at 10:48pm PST


9. @TravelDudes

“There are no specific rules to get featured, it’s important that the image inspires us, is about travel, of a good quality & that we can find it via #traveldudes.”

Melvin Boecher, founder of team

Travel Dudes is a social travel experience and online guidebook to destinations around the world.


#Traveldudes repost via @theworlduponmyshoulders. Worth a follow! "The 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road… I simply can't get enough of this place." ☀ Us either! #AustraliaRoadTrip

A photo posted by Melvin Böcher (@traveldudes) on Feb 21, 2016 at 10:01pm PST

10. @MyBUENALife
“Have photos that display movement and have you actually doing something. We love photos that capture people enjoying the moment, not just posing. “

Sarah Lang, moderator of @MyBUENALife Instagram

What I love about My BUENA Life  Instagram is that we focus on community and people. You can actually see the traveler and almost feel like you know the person. FULL TRANSPARENCY, I am the founder of this community account, and I’d love for you to join us. Please use #myBUENAlife and we’ll check out your photos and show them some love!



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by #BuenaLife by Stephanie Be (@mybuenalife) on Nov 26, 2018 at 3:53pm PST




[for travel features]
General Adventure – Travel:

@MyBUENALife #BUENALife @ThePeoplesCreatives #PeoplesCreatives @BeautifulDestinations #BeautifulDestinations @JeremyJauncey @MatadorNetwork #TravelStoke @EarthFocus @RoamThePlanet #RoamthePlanet #EarthFocus  @TheOutBound #TheOutbound @TravelDudes #TravelDudes @folkmagazine #LiveFolk  @TravelFrevor #TravelFervor @NatureofExistence @awesomeglobe #awesomeglobe  @TravelandLife #TravelandLife @Travil.In #Travilin @CityBestViews #CBViews  @Fantastic_Earth #fantastic_earth  @LivingOnEarth  @Wonderful_Places #Wonderful_Places @BestPlaces_ToGo #BestPlacesToGo @ExploringTheGlobe #ExploringTheGlobe #Exploringtheglobebucketlist @VisualsOfLife #VisualsOfLife  @FolkMagazine #LiveFolk  @ArtofVisuals #ArtOfVisuals #AOV @EpicRoad @Instagood #InstaGoodMyPhoto @DiscoverEarth #DestinationEarth @TheGlobeWanderer #TheGlobeWanderer @WeLiveToExplore #WeLiveToExplore @EarthOfficial #EarthOfficial @Discover_EarthPix @Wonderful.globe  @Wolderlust #Wolderlust  @EarthPics  @TourThePlanet  @OurPlanetDaily #OurPlanetDaily @NowTravel @WildernessCulture #WildernessCulture  @LiveFolk #LifeOfAdventure

Focus on bright photos:

@DeluxeFx #DeluxeFx  @SmallHotels @LuxurySmallHotels #SmallHotels #LuxurySmallHotels  @BestinTravel #BestinTravel    @Beaches_N_Resorts #BeachesnResorts  @BestVacations #BestVacations

Additional travel media:

@Expedia  @TravelandLeisure #TLPicks @CNTraveler #AtHomeInTheWorld @TravelChannel #LiveTravelChannel @BBC_Travel #LoveTheWorld #BBCTravel

More of the Best Travel Hashtags… with a Female Niche:

@DameTraveler #DameTraveler @GirlsVsGlobe #GirlsVsGlobe @GirlsLoveTravel #GirlsLoveTravel @LadiesGoneGlobal #LadiesGoneGlobal


 Which accounts would you add?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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The post Best Travel Hashtags: How to Get Featured by the Best Instagram Accounts appeared first on TravelBreak.

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