Body cant handle bingeing anymore?

So I've had a bad weekend! I usually stick to 1400 calories a day of good, healthy food with 1 "cheat" day a week where I eat at maintenance (sometimes a little over). I've been doing this for 3 months now and am just under 3 stone down (around 40lbs off the top of my head). Over the past week or so I've been losing motivation a bit, I feel good about my body and my weight loss so far and the initial excitement of losing has worn off which means my brain is telling me I deserve a break. I also started working out (3x per week strength training) which has increased my appetite. All of this combined means over the last 2 days I ate: a pizza, parmesan fries, chocolate, mcdonalds, ice cream and an enormous chicken katsu curry totalling around 5000 cals over 2 days. It was great! Until now – I woke up multiple times in the night because of heartburn, I felt sick this morning, I've had brutally painful stomach cramps all day long, I feel tired and bloated and just gross! Back before I started this journey I would eat like that ALL THE TIME. EVERY DAY. Did I always feel this shitty 24/7 before or has my body adapted to its new healthy diet and can no longer handle bingeing? I'm writing this post for 2 reasons 1. Accountability – yes I binged. I made the choice to binge. Now I want to put it behind me and start fresh eating healthy and working out regularly. I need my motivation back! 2. To stop this happening again – the food was great but I feel so awful! My body feels like SHIT and it wasnt worth it. If I want a treat, I'll have A TREAT. Not days of bingeing, ONE treat meal. Bingeing doesn't serve me anymore, it's only harming me so this is where that ends If nothing else, I feel good to have discovered this about myself/my body/my eating habits. It was definitely a much needed realisation. Thanks for reading my rambling 🙂

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