CDT Q&A 4: motivation, marijuana, calories, BRS stove, altitude sickness, T-shirts, etc

I can never say enough how much I appreciate all the support from the people on Patreon and all of you who watch my videos! I like to do video chats with my Patreon community and give them the most up-to-date updates from the trail, but since I think other people may have some of the same questions I still want to share some of the information from these Q&A’s with everyone. So as my regular CDT episodes catch up, I’ll post an edited version of each Q&A publicly on Youtube just like I did from the PCT.

It can be difficult to find reliable WIFI from the trail, but I hope to do these more in the near future. If you want to participate in the next Q&A head over to Every patron, no matter how much you pledge will have access to all these Q&A’s, and I will try to give as much notice as possible before they start. Hope you enjoy and thank you again so much for watching this channel!

If you’d rather not sit through the whole video I made a little table of contents below so you can click through the topics that interest you.


00:06 How do you stay positive on the trail?
02:31 How close were you to the mountain lion
03:36 Were you on the official CDT last stretch?
04:23 Wave you considered a water bladder?
06:46 Zpacks Arc Blast vs Arc Haul
08:35 How far ahead is Perk?
09:21 What is different about your Patreon material vs. other platforms?
10:57 Do you keep your raw footage?
11:46 Do your part time jobs take you back when you go home?
14:04 Thoughts on not wearing waterproof shoes in snow/ice.
16:05 Thoughts on the introspective parts of the episodes.
18:11 Post-CDT plans
20:13 Have you seen any hikers use a tarp?
20:57 Did Aaron get new shoes
21:10 Is your camera waterproof?
21:28 How is the BRS stove?
22:21 Blowdowns
24:05 Have you considered carrying bear spray?
24:18 Are you happy with your clothing selections?
24:36 Will you keep hiking when you have kids?
25:32 Advice for new hiker on snow on the AT and PCT
27: 38 What do you recommend for footcare?
28:41 Resupply strategy/how much food do you carry?
29:28 Would you consider replacing the Zpacks duplex for a smaller tent?
30:41 Marijuana/drug use on the trail
33:05 How many calories do you consume a day?
34:55 How often do you have to backflush your Sawyer filter?
35:53 Do you still like Snickers?
36:27 What motivates you to keep going?
37:26 Altitude sickness
40:22 Hyperlite Pack
40:52 T-shirts
41:17 inReach Explorer +

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