Climbers of Reddit, how do you get past the mental block, fear, and/or lack of motivation when trying to return to climbing after an injury?

Some backstory:

I ended up with a grade 2 acromioclavicular ligament tear last April after some parkour gone wrong, back when I was a solid V2 climber getting into V3s. The healing time for that ultimately took me back down into V1s at most.

After recovering from that, in October I ended up tearing the gastrocnemius muscle group in my calf while climbing. Any motivation I've had for trying to go back to the gym is gone, but other health problems that were being held at bay by climbing are resurfacing and I'm realizing that I need to start climbing again.

I'm not great at self-motivating, and I've never had to come back from not only one, but two injuries before. Any advice I can get that will help me get back into something that once made me feel so great would be amazing.

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