Cw:venting need advice

Hi everyone I currently just need some advice and I’d like to express and help myself in some way if anyone could it’d mean a lot

I’m a young teen (gender questioning) who has been diagnosed with asd adhd and anxiety but I have depression symptoms I live in the uk south east specially in teir 4 of covid

I live in a small secluded messy household I live in a village where no busses come through and the nearest shop is almost a 3 mile walk I have no friends and I feel really trapped I really wish I could move and get out but I live in a council house in the country and can’t find and good council houses to swap with plus we don’t have a lot of money

I have had many problems with doing anything may it be showering brushing my teeth or simple as doing the dishwasher as I feel like I can barley get up I feel like I’m just lazy and I get berated about it by my mother constantly and it doesn’t help I want to do it so bad but I just feel shitty

My room is messy and it affects my mental health I’m going to try and clean it soon but it doesn’t feel right when the rest of the house is in ruins I’m going to have to let go of things I don’t want to get rid of furniture and do something about it

Covid has been hard money wise right now I’m struggling with money as it’s only going towards food and my mothers work most and of course bills

All I do all day is sit around on the sofa and sleep it’s tiring at this point I don’t do any online school work as I can’t be bothered and it makes me so anxious but I have no motivation to do it either it’s tough

My mum isn’t the best either she’s done a lot in the past that’s messed me up and affects my mental health and still does to this day she’s better now but still does stuff without realising and won’t take responsibility it hard to talk about it beacuse of my autism and I get memory loss and can’t remeber what happned most of the time

I’ve only got online friends currently most without timezones close to mine and I don’t have many it’s hard to talk to them about this and at all sometimes

I really need some advice at the moment mostly about what to do while I’m cleaning my room so I can be motivated and if there’s anything I can do about my situation thanks

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