Daughter, 17 has been acting different

The last few days I have noticed my daughter sleeping more than usual, isn’t playing too much with her dog, and something just didn’t seem right.

I went to her room this evening, we talked. I have always told my kids to talk to me, no matter what. I want to help my babies in any way I can. I tell them daily I love them. I have always sense she might like the same sex. And I have always said to my kids “I will love them no matter what” as long as they’re happy, I am happy. My husband has also told them this.

Well, my daughter told me she’s been feeling tired, has no motivation, she loved to draw, and now she doesn’t want to. She feels pressure at school to fit in with the cool kids. Pressure about going off to college. And with everything going on with Covid, she’s been worrying more than usual.

As a mother, I want what’s best for my kids. But their happiness is more important than anything else. I am calling her doctor tomorrow, maybe they can give me some advice or send us to the right doctor.

Any advice from this group, will be greatly appreciated

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