Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Creative World Cup

The eyes of the esports world are turning towards the Fortnite World Cup and its $30 million prize pool.

But there is another major event taking place alongside the World Cup, and it is very unique and hasn’t received the same press.

The Fortnite Creative World Cup has been revealed in pieces and crucial parts are still being announced for it.

But we do know a good amount about the event, what the competition will look like and how players can qualify for it.

One of the best parts of the Creative World Cup is that players of many different skill sets can qualify.

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The skills that make you good at random minigames, may not be the same as the ones that make people stand out in Fortnite matches, that means the Creative World Cup is many players best chance to qualify for an event. So far we have seen speedrunning, strategy and – coming soon – trickshotting.

Only three of the 15 players have been announced for the World Cup and only three of the five judges have been announced. That means there is plenty of time to practice your skills in creative maps before more trials go live.

How to qualify for the Fortnite Creative World Cup

There will be five unique events in which you can qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Each one will be judged by a notable name in the Fortnite community. Called captains, these players have been announced one-by-one.

These captains help build unique creative challenges and then judge the winners, eventually selecting three each.

How the judging works changes event to event, and is based on the captain’s discretion. How the actual Creative World Cup will work still hasn’t been announced.

What are the five Creative World Cup trials?

The first judge was Cizzorz, who has made Fortnite Creative a staple of his channel with his popular Death Runs. Even though he is an exceptional creator of Creative worlds, Epic still provides more builders to help make these World Cup qualifying events truly intense.

This interview we did with Cizzorz talks about his motivation behind the Death Runs and provides some clarity as to what the judges are thinking about in these trials.

Here he is showing off his map which served as the first qualifier:

As the first judge, Cizzorz qualified the first three players. They are: Hiimtylerh, zandYT, and Suezhoo.

The second judge is YouTuber Lachlan who’s popular channel has incorporated Creative maps into events. Builders @wertandrew and @DolphinDomYT built his unique escape map. Check out the preview video below:

This challenge is still live as of publishing on May 14th, but will likely close soon because we know the third judge is releasing his trial on May 15th.

The third judge is Ninja, who tweeted on May 13th that he would be hosting a trial in “trickshotting.”

I'm participating in the Fortnite Creative Trials and sending three of the best trickshotters to New York for a chance at $3,000,000. FULL announcement Wednesday on my YouTube #NinjaCreativeTrials pic.twitter.com/XC000k2tGX

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 13, 2019

So if you miss the old days of FaZe Clan and MW2 trick shotting, this could be the trial for you.

Fortnite has a ton of fun ways to hit unique trick shots so it will be interesting to see how Ninja incorporates those into his map.

The winners of this trial will have to be creative with the shots they take and the winning shots will definitely be absolutely insane.

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Keep an eye on Ninja’s YouTube channel for that new trial and take your shot at the Fortnite Creative World Cup.

We will update this article with the fourth and fifth trials when they are announced, as well as new players who have qualified for the big tournament.

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