Ex Wife Wants to Change our 3yr Old’s Name Legally

Throwaway because of name specifics.

My ex(30F) wants to legally change our 3yr old daughter's name. It's not a change in pronunciation, she wants to change the spelling from Camila to Kamilla. Probably the strongest motivation is that she speaks Russian and the name is spelled with a K in Russian, they don't have a "C" so to speak.

It won't affect our daughter, cause she will still hear the same name, she also doesnt know how to write her name yet. I want to be accommodating, but its such a weird request. Is there something I may not be thinking about in allowing this change? My ex changed back to her maiden name, but did not insist on hyphenating or changing our daughter last name, so she has been somewhat reasonable in the past as well.

Help me think this through.

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