Federer: Benneteau’s Comments Taken out of Context

The Swiss says he didn't want to discuss Julien Benneteau's comments too much on Tuesday, but he did address them.

Speaking to reporters after his 6-2, 6-3 victory over Dominic Thiem on Tuesday at the ATP Finals in London, Roger Federer says he feels that Julien Benneteau’s comments about him getting preferential treatment on tour are overblown.

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On Monday in London the reports were circulating throughout the press room and both Novak Djokovic and John isner gave full support to Federer.

Tuesday it was time for Federer to address Benneteau’s comments himself, but he was reluctant to go into great detail.

“I know about the comments, but I don’t really feel the mood during a World Tour Finals to discuss that topic,” the Swiss said, according to Ros Satar of Britwatch Sports. Federer added that he’s known Benneteau for quite some time and is friendly with the recently retired Frenchman. “I know him since the junior times, I think all of this has been totally taken out of context.”

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Still, Federer took some time to take part in a discussion about what goes on behind the scenes at major events, when players and agents both have significant motivation to play at certain times, either due to conditions, length of rest or the needs of television.

“I get asked, ‘Would you like to play Monday or Tuesday? Sometimes,” Federer said. “Sometimes I get asked, ‘Do you want to play day or night?’ Sometimes they go ask the agent. Sometimes they ask me…”

🎾 #AtpFinals #Federer rallies – not only to beat Thiem to but to address Benneteau's comments about preferential treatment!
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Federer says that he gets his requests met some of the time, but not all of the time.

Referring to the U.S. Open, where Benneteau had said that he believed Federer’s agent Tony Godsick had spoken vehemently against having the Swiss play on Louis Armstrong Court because he preferred to play on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

“Sometimes we have our say,” he said. “But I asked to play Monday at the US Open. I played Tuesday night. It’s all good, you know. I’ve had that problem for 20 years in the good way. Sometimes I get help, sometimes I don’t. I think there you have it.”

Federer on favourable treatment: 'I don't [ have a reaction]. I know the comments but I don't really feel the mood in a World Tour Finals to talk about that topic to be honest. I think all of this has been totally taken out of context, I don't think I need to add to it.'

— George Bellshaw (@BellshawGeorge) November 13, 2018

Federer, who was aware of the comments, says that not all that he read was correct.

“But a lot of the facts are not right, just to be clear there, from what I heard,” he said.

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