Feel like I’m easily negatively influenced by change in my life

I'm a junior in college and 20. I have always struggled with anxiety as a child and teenager and got diagnosed with social anxiety disorder at 18. I went to therapy, started on medication, and now no longer have social anxiety disorder. However, now I think I have more depressive symptoms and they are bothering me.

So I have noticed that with any sort of change in my life that isn't positive I am susceptible to developing what I guess is situational depression. Last semester I went through a break-up and at the start of this semester I hadn't realized how much time I had spent with him in the previous semester. I have mostly gotten over the breakup/the guy but I miss having someone to hang out with all the time in that way. Also, I feel like although I have the same amount of friends I did last semester, it just isn't the same and we don't all hang out as a group much anymore. I don't like not having almost every minute of my day taken up with either class or hanging out with people and I get really lonely and down when I'm by myself.

I think these things have accumulated into me feeling lack of motivation and down.

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