[For Sale & Items Offered in ED] Boyfriend’s Vinyl Collection FS – need quick sale SE5 Burgess Park

I’m selling my boyfriend’s vinyl collection.

Please don’t tell him…joking, he knows. Really he does.

There are about 150 records in total. I can’t vouch for his taste. He says they are "90’s techno and rave".

Another EDF poster commented that there was noting particularly "leftfield" in the collection. That may not be an issue for the buyer. Decide for yourself.

I’ll try and attach a few photos of some of the records to give an idea of titles. I don’t have the motivation to list all the individual records so please don’t ask. Feel free to come and take a look through them.

The vinyl itself is in decent condition but a small number of sleeves do have a little damp.

Will sell as a job lot. Any offer considered. I mean ANY offer. Sensible or not. I. need. them. gone.

No further info on titles available – you need to come and have a look. Camberwell SE5 7FP

Please pm if interested.

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