Gained back 11kg (24lbs) out of the 20kg (44lbs) I lost :(

I am so pissed off at myself. My SW was 90kg and in one year I smashed through 20kg to my goal weight of 70kg (so 198lb to 154 for some of you).

I was doing fantastic, ran 5km everyday but I ended up overworking my legs especially and got shin splints so bad that I couldn't walk… and well you guessed it. One day turned into 2, into 3 – then a week of rest…. I still couldn't run without the pain and had to stop harsh movement on it all together….I lost all motivation. In fact, I think it's my patella…I'm too scared to see a Doc about it.

Then I started eating like crazy from the stress of gaining. Yes I know that's counterproductive.. fml. Now I'm 80kg 🙁 (176lbs)

Anyone else been through this? What helped you get through it?

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