Got some questions about how you guys go about learning Spanish.

Hey there. I’m fairly new here and am looking for some tips and information from other Spanish learners on their approaches to learning Spanish. I am trying to make sure I spend as little time as possible spinning my wheels and I also happen to like analyzing and using raw data to support my decision making process. Also, I would like to keep my expectations reasonable to keep from killing my motivation. I would really appreciate it if any of you would take the little bit of time to answer some of my biggest questions about learning Spanish. I really like making surveys and thought this was a productive excuse to make one. It’s only 10 questions so it shouldn’t take long but would be a huge help to me. Here’s the link to the survey and don’t worry, it’s not some spam crap. I use Typeface to make my list of questions so it’s a simple but clean survey. Thank you.

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